Thursday, November 09, 2006

today sucks.

not only do i have a paper due in six hours, but the lid just fell off of my coffee as i was sipping it...sending hot coffee cascading down the front of my shirt and into my lap.

that always seems to happen at kayak's...the cups get soggy, and they either disintegrate or the top rim gets so sodden with coffee that it swells, and the lid pops off. i'd hate this place if it weren't such a good place to get work done...the coffee cups are terrible, the coffee is mediocre, and the food...unless i'm in the mood for an egg sandwich, there's nothing good to eat here, and it's overpriced as all get out. but, there are plenty of outlets, there's dependable internet, and since i only go here to get work done when everything has come down to the wire, i get a feeling of productivity.

although, now, i'm hoping i get my paper done quickly enough that i can duck home before my 3pm class. otherwise, i'm going to have to attend pretrial covered in coffee stains. this would be double bad...not only would i be covered in coffee as i ran around school, but the depositions we are doing are video i'll be preserved for posterity, covered in coffee.

today sucks.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe, just, maybe. If we placed a higher than usual sin tax on coffee consumption, problems like you're having today could be avoided.