Friday, November 24, 2006

this is interesting. apparently, the president-elect of the christian coalition has decided to resign, and not take the presidency of the organization. why? because the organization is so fixated on the issues of abortion and gay marriage, and refuses to expand to other issues that also pertain to christians, such as poverty and the environment.

i say, good for him. i don't necessarily agree with the christian coalition's viewpoints on many things, or on their tactics, but at least there's someone who wanted to expand its focus to being a more overall-christian pressure group, as opposed to focusing on only abortion and gay marriage. it's too bad that so many people already in the group's leadership are so resistant to expanding its focus. i can only hope that one of two things will happen--it will eventually expand its focus and become a more general conservative-christian group, or that people will backlash and the group will die out for being a strictly double-issue (or, make that single-issue, as in anti-personal-autonomy) group. i'm glad there are some conservative christians out there who realise that living their faith is more than simply pressuring people that there is One Right Kind of sexual relationship, heterosexual marriage for procreation. people can choose to hold those beliefs, and to advocate for them, even though i could not agree less with them. but, that one belief is not enough to sustain a spiritual life, or a political existence.

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