Sunday, November 12, 2006

this is the funniest thing i've read on wikipedia in a long time.

joey levine is a songwriter, and has been since the mid-sixties.

joey ramone decided to go by "joey" in honour of joey levine.

joey levine has been writing ad jingles since the late sixties.

these ad jingles include "this is budweiser. this is beer."

that amuses me way more than it should. :D

in other news...i've spent the entire weekend judging speech and debate, so i've been generally away from the computer. it was a lot of fun. i had never done debate or speech before (as anyone who reads this probably already knows, i'm a mocker girl). i didn't know they had so many forensic events at the college level. i don't have any really crazy stories...but it was a good weekend.

well, i do have a crazy story, but it doesn't involve debate. this morning, i had to be at the tournament site at 8:30. no sweat...i was going to catch the #1 bus at 7:53, be on campus by a little after eight, it was going to be awesome.

or, not.

the bus didn't come. i wait, and wait, and it's finally five after eight, and still no bus. it was twenty-five minutes 'til round, and it was a forty minute walk at my usual pace from the corner where i wait for the bus to the building where the rounds were. my usual pace is a decent one...especially since whenever i walk to school, it usually means i have somewhere to go by a certain time.

and i did it in twenty-seven minutes. it involved plenty of powerwalking and all-out running, but i did it. i was proud of myself.

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