Wednesday, November 22, 2006

so, there hasn't been some blatant memery here in a while. and, since i have a paper due today, clearly i should be doing silly internet memes instead of actually writing the darn thing.

i have until 2:30 or so, right? the paper is due at 5, but i've got to have it in before i go home, pack, and catch my bus to chicago--which leaves union station at 5. i'm so happy there were still bus tickets to chicago, because getting out of st. louis is going to be good for me, and seeing kevin and phil is going to be good for me. after everything that's been going on, nothing will be better for me than a nice long trip to chicago.

anyway, memery, ganked from mysti.


So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool...

OPENING CREDITS: "my favourite game" by the cardigans--i love this song, it's got such a feeling of running away from everything. i guess it's as good an opening song as any, since i do a lot of fucking things up and running away. story of my life.

WAKING UP: "parking lot" by emmet swimming--this is shaping up to be the most depressing soundtrack ever. "...there's no sound when things fall apart." this isn't so much a wakeup song, as a waking-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed song.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: "867-5309 (jenny)" by tommy tutone--i'm not even going to try to explain what this song has to do with the first day of school. well, maybe i'll try. it's a fun song, and i really enjoyed starting school. it got me out of the house. furthermore, i started school in the eighties, and this song is about as eighties as it gets without involving a hair band.

FALLING IN LOVE: "butterflies instead" by k's choice--wow. totally not a first-love kind of song. it's a song, from a kid's point of view, about parental divorce. the soundtrack gets weirder.

FIGHT SONG: "without" by escape from earth--this is a total cigarette lighter ballad, unless they do it punk-style. as far as i know, however, the punk-style was never recorded, they only did it for giggles when they were totally misbooked here in st. louis, with a bunch of country bands, and decided to be total goofs to confuzzle the couple of real fans that were there. but, this is still more of a stop-fighting song.

BREAKING UP: "middle of nowhere" by the blank theory. finally, a song that makes some sense. the blank theory, really anything they do, is fantastic break-up music. (i should know, they've gotten me through a couple now.) "i don't always recognize me...not even my own face...i can't take the ups and downs...i have to take these pills..." it's a song about being disconnected and alienated from what's real.

PROM: "ted mack" by wesley willis--i love it. it's a song about a murderer killing someone and getting thrown in jail for it, done in real wesley willis style. i think my prom would have been better if there had been a little wesley willis, or a little killing, or anything other than what it actually was. if you know me well enough, you know my prom story, and you know why it sucked so much.

LIFE: "remember" by disturbed--a perfect anthem here. "i'm just holding let them know...what's given to me..." yep, sounds like my life.

MENTAL BREAKDOWN: "to the moon and back" by savage garden--this song allows for a little too much optimism to be a real mental-breakdown song. the person he's singing about is having a mental breakdown, but he's standing there, wanting to save her, and she actually is contemplating going to the moon, going where things are good. then again, this is probably a perfect breakdown song, because i do have that moon--a bunch of friends who are there for me when my life sucks.

DRIVING: "casualty" by snake river conspiracy--totally not a driving song. it's a sultry, seductive, and slow kind of song. but, i guess it's alright that i don't have a driving song as my driving song, as i don't drive. i can ride the CTA to a sultry song, right?

FLASHBACK: "needles" by seether--a song about pure angry sadism. i don't know what that's supposed to mean as a flashback, since even though i'm a pretty angsty person, i don't think i'm particularly sadistic or vengeful.

WEDDING: "breed" by snake river conspiracy"--makes sense, since i don't plan to marry or have kids. "breed...breed on your're always suffering clone..." yep, that about sounds like what i'd tell someone if they wanted to marry me or have kids, given that if they wanted that, they'd have to be pretty freaking oblivious to stay with me and try and make me do that. i'd probably tell them to breed on their own.

BIRTH OF CHILD: "fast car" by tracy chapman--makes sense, as i would probably hop into a fast car if anyone suggested that they wanted me to have their babies.

FINAL BATTLE: "staring at the sun" by the offspring--angry, energetic mojo song. this works for a final battle, as long as i'm the hero.

DEATH SCENE: "love potion no. 9" by the clovers--*waves chewbacca poster* THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!! maybe that's how i die in my movie. i win my final battle, i take some love potion no. 9 because really, all i want to do after my big battle is go have some sex, but then i kissed the cop at thirty-fourth and vine--and instead of breaking my bottle of potion, he was offended by my sexual harassment, and decided to shoot me and kill me.

FUNERAL SONG: "rock 'n roll hero" by caroline's spine--if people remember me as a rock hero, that would be pretty awesome. this song is an introspective elegy to a thoughtful rock singer. i love it.

END CREDITS: "enjoy the silence" by anberlin (cover of depeche mode)--an emo cover of an eighties song as the end credits in my movie? i don't know about that. but, i guess it is a good end credits song...i'm picturing credits rolling over this song, and it's kind of a pleasant sight in my mind's eye.

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