Friday, November 17, 2006

registration worksheet feature for the win.

yesterday i found out you could type the course numbers in beforehand, so there'd be a clickable link when registering, instead of having to type in all the numbers at 7:30am. not having to worry about speed and accuracy this early in the morning made registration so easy.

there were only ten or eleven slots left in trial advocacy, but i got into that class. (thank goodness!) in fact, i got everything i wanted. i'm already in my clinic, i didn't have to bid for that, but i signed up for trial, litigation ethics and practice management, and environmental moot court. i also signed up for sexuality and the law...although i'm leaning toward taking the ethics class next semester, the waitlist was so short for sexuality and the law (i'm no. 7 on the waitlist) that i decided to get on there and see what would happen.

this means i'm a little closer to knowing what i'm taking next semester. litigation ethics, i found out, is a three-credit class and not a two-credit class...which will put me up to 13 or 14 credits this semester instead of 12 or 13. no big deal there, besides, it will make third year even easier, i'll have to take less credits third year.

as it stands, i'll decide between ethics and sexuality if i get the chance, if i get into sexuality off the wait list. as for environmental moot court, that depends on whether i make patent moot court. those tryouts are next week. if i make patent moot court, i'll drop environmental. (patent sounds more interesting, and it's two credits instead of one credit.) trial and my clinic are set in stone--come hell or high water, i'm taking both of those classes, since they're things i've been dying to do since i got into law school.

all in all, i'd say this was a successful registration session. it was fast, it was easy, and i got what i wanted.

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