Tuesday, November 07, 2006

polls are closed...time to wait and hope.

i spent most of the day canvassing around Soulard, trying to get out the vote among the registered democrats. given that it was the middle of the day, most people weren't home. a few were, though, and everyone who answered the door was nice, receptive, and were hopefully honest in telling me that they were going out to the polls to vote.

there were a few snafus that were quite annoying. the poll that i went to at 6am, to monitor the opening, opened smoothly, but several of the polls in that area (and many outside of it) had some really scary problems. this year, missouri is using both electronic voting machines and paper optical-scan ballots. in several of the precincts, the electronic machines were down, and the optical scanner wasn't working. they had to stuff the paper ballots in a ballot box and wait for there to be a functional scanner. hopefully, they'll actually get a working scanner to those places...or bring the ballots to somewhere with a working scanner...and actually remember to scan and count all these ballots that have been stuffed in boxes, waiting.

in the area i was canvassing, there was confusion about the polling place. they had recently changed the polling place, and we ran into someone who was confused about where to go vote. we ended up going to the old polling place around 7:30 this morning, making big old signs to tell them where the actual polling place was, and hanging them on the doors. hopefully they found the polling place alright, after that.

anyway...i'm tired, i'm loopy, and i've been up since 4:30 this morning. i'm going to watch election returns until i'm too tired to keep my eyes open, and then get some sleep.

i'm getting nervous. only twenty percent of missouri polls are in, so it's still early, but talent is ahead. hopefully that means that it's mostly republican districts that are in...hopefully once the votes from st. louis city, and other democratic districts, get counted, it'll become more even. it's about the same with respect to the stem cell amendment. i'm getting nervous...i wish i knew what polls were in and not in, i just want to know.

but, hey. at least, whatever happens in missouri...pennsylvania voters have cleaned santorum out of the senate. bob casey is kind of a moron...but at least it's one more democratic seat. (and it's not rick santorum.)

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