Saturday, November 25, 2006

i saw casino royale last night...if you haven't seen it yet, RUN, DON'T WALK! see that movie! it was so much fun. i was a little hesitant after the first fight scene, the one in the construction site and the embassy, because it was so good that i thought there was no way the rest of the movie would live up to that fight scene. boy, was i wrong. the movie was fun to watch, the characters were interesting, and daniel craig is a fantastic james bond. i still maintain that pierce brosnan is hotter, but daniel craig inhabits the role of james bond so much better than pierce brosnan ever did. pierce brosnan was nothing if not slick. daniel craig, on the other hand, is 100% pure british bad-ass. i can't wait for the next bond movie he does, because casino royale was such a fun movie.

other than that, i'm being lazy. i've been watching bad tv all morning, waiting for the tool to get back to town. this afternoon, i think the plans are that we see borat, and then see too much light makes the baby go blind. i've been intending to see borat for two weeks now, and finally we're seeing it. it should be hilarious...i'm excited. as for too much's just been way too long since i've seen it. i think it was fall break, last year...i remember being on the train, on the way up to the theatre, the tool checking his phone every few seconds for score updates since it was the same night as game 1 of the world series last year, game 1 of the white sox triumph.

speaking of that, i don't think i ever commented on this year's world series on here. sure, it was kinda amusing being in st. louis this year when the cardinals won the series. the mass hysteria was pretty fun to watch. but, i couldn't really get into it like i did last year's series. even though i wasn't in chicago for most of the series last year, i care about the white sox. they're one of only four teams i care about: the orioles and the white sox i care about because i love them so much, and the yankees and the red sox i care about because i hate them with a blinding passion. i'm an american league, as long as it's not the yanks or the red sox representing the american league in the world series, i go for the american league team. so, i was pulling for the tigers. but, it was the kind of situation where i wasn't rooting for the tigers with every fibre of my being, and where i wouldn't be hopping mad if the cards won the series. i was disappointed, yes, but i didn't hang on every inning of the series like i did last year. it was a minor blip, a sociological curiosity...and not a sporting event for the ages.

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