Friday, November 24, 2006

i love watching bad dating shows.

blind date is on spike right now, and this one guy on there had the most pathetic little coup ever. he asked blind date to hook him up with his co-worker. he should have known it was a terrible idea. but, he had no idea--he thought he would get hooked up with her on blind date, and live happily ever after. he actually fessed up to her that he told blind date to hook them up and that he had a crush on her. she, of course, thought he was some kind of psycho stalker. she kept her distance the entire time, and told her that she didn't date co-workers as a matter of policy. he never got the hint, kept hitting on her, and kept making sexual innuendoes. of course, at the end, she rebuffed his attempt to kiss her, and he felt like a total chump. serves him right, really, for being crazy enough to ask blind date to set him up with a co-worker.

i love stupid people. they make me laugh.

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