Wednesday, November 15, 2006

i just realised that, as of october 1 of this year, my favourite refuge of safety on a terrible day, "yourself or someone like you" by matchbox20, is ten years old.

this leads me to state two things that are rather obvious, although i'm going to state them anyway:

1. i'm getting old. really old.1
2. that album really stands the test of time. i've found lots of decent bad day albums since then, but none that are just as perfect as that one.

1 then again, i already knew this. i'm turning 24 on sunday. at 23, i can still pretend that i'm in my early twenties, as opposed to my mid-twenties. at 24, i can't even pretend that anymore. that's freaking me out.


jimarthur said...

paraphrase..At twenty four, there's so much more...Neil Young

Mad Jurist said...

Here Here! (or is it Hear! Hear!)