Thursday, November 23, 2006

happy thanksgiving, all. eat lots of turkey, have lots of fun, and forget about stress, work, and everything else for the day. let the tryptophan take you away. :D

as for me...i'm in chicago. i took the bus in yesterday after i finally finished my paper. i'm glad i got it to the required length, and i think i put all the points i needed in. it wasn't particularly good, but it was complete, and given the stars deciding to align such that they did not want me to get that paper done, i'm proud i finished it.

that means, one class down and four to go. i just want this semester to be over. pretrial will be done next week, and i have three finals to deal with.

and...i'm dealing with exactly none of those classes now. i took none of my schoolbooks to chicago with me, and it is glorious.

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