Tuesday, November 28, 2006

dear devil's advocate,

this blog? sucks? that's news why? i've been writing this thing since 2003, and known ever since i started it that it was the most worthless blog on the internet. i keep it to amuse myself, and i keep it because i'm an attention whore. next time, cover news, or say something funny. the fact that my blog is terrible is old news, and reiterating that is a waste of space.

if you think you can provide better internet content, start publishing the devil's advocate on the internet. it's that simple.

at least you referred to the writers of this blog and of another humble wulaw blog as "bitches." i do not know who wrote the other one, so i can say nothing about whether or not the author may rightfully be referred to as a bitch, in jest or otherwise. but on this count, you are correct. i am a bitch. a major bitch. and, i take pride in that. but, you would know that already, wouldn't you? you've at least seen this blog once, or else you wouldn't be calling it out in the devil's advocate.

the persecuted crack smoker


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to Top Gunner Nikki! We are ever so humble and bitchen!

jimarthur's dog said...

You're too hard on your blog. It doesn't suck. It is interesting despite (or maybe because of)its eclectic approach to content.

Anonymous said...

Jim Arthur's Dog:

Do you like our blog? It is eclectic too...

-Top Gunner

PS...How does your dog read and type? I am still working on getting mine to shit outside. Any advice is welcome.

nicolle said...

content? what content? don't be ridiculous, jim arthur's dog, there is no content here!

and, by the way, mr. jim arthur's dog, do you have a name, or do you simply define yourself by jim arthur's ownership of you?