Wednesday, November 08, 2006

claire mccaskill? won.

stem cell amendment? passed.

house? blue.

senate? not clear yet, but the democrats have slim leads in virginia and montana, the two seats they need. it's looking good.

minimum wage? raised to $6.50 an hour in a landslide.

the "no pensions for felon judges" amendment? passed. (yeah...not a surprise there, but good to see nonetheless.)

call me happy.

it wasn't a perfect day, of course.

the tobacco tax didn't pass...which annoys me, because cigarettes are so undertaxed in missouri that it's not even funny.

another city measure that got under my skin, one that would require all employees of the saint louis city police department to live in the city proper, also passed. it's a nonbinding resolution, thank goodness, but i still think it's silly to say that police officers and all other employees of the department must live in the city. i understand the idea that police officers should have a connection to the community where they work, but there's nothing forcing police officers to work in the small area of the city where they live and are most connected, and i think it's an artificial line to draw that would prevent qualified police officers who live near, but not in, the city of st. louis, from serving the city.

still, however...this is the first major election day that i have been so happy about in ten years, since bill clinton won another term. and even so, this one is probably even better, just because of the surprise and excitement. everyone knew clinton was going to beat bob dole. but, many of these key races were too close to call until the returns came in, and the chips are falling the democrats' way.

i'm sure i'll return to my regularly scheduled cynicism soon, but for now, i'm hopeful to see what happens.


jim arthur said...

Given your obvious--on your sleeve--liberal leanings, I am surprised you are for the tobacco tax. The tobacco tax is a sin tax that raises the effective tax rates on the poorest in our society. Studies have proven that the poor are less likely to quit smoking, even with higher tax rates, than are middle class types, etc. If smoking is legal, we shouldn't tax said legal bahavior in a regressive fashion. On top of that, the tax revenue was designed to fund more health programs that wouldn't go away even if all smokers quit; resulting in the need for more tax resources in a future--albeit fictional world--of non-smokers. Here's a better idea: Place a high sin tax on sun tan --skin cancer causing--lotion. Such lotion is purchased by the middle class and won't be as regressive a tax. the health costs of skin cancer are more alarming, actually. As long as we're taxing legal behavior, let's put a high service tax on abortions as an attempt to raise revenue and curb abortion.... this might be palatable to the far right and pass.

Anonymous said...

Minimum Wage increase is a horrible idea and only goes to show the uneducated status of the Missouri electorate (that and they voted for McCaskell).

Increasing the minimum wage by $1.15 an hour will have devistating effects because it is not accompanied by tax cuts for the businesses. What this means is that the companies who pay minimum wage or close to it will have to increase their prices to maintain a good bottom line (it is business afterall). So when Walmart raises their prices, there is no net effect in terms of a take home salary...Those purportedly benefited by a raise in the minimum wage are paying more for the products and services they consume. Generally, without accompanying tax cuts for biz, raising the minimum wage only hurts consumers.

Not to mention the empirical result of increasing outsourcing of manufactoring jobs.

But good job Democrats. Way to give it to the people.