Thursday, November 30, 2006

i have the sudden urge to throw a wash u law bum wine party. why? because it would be funny.

if my apartment were any bigger than a postage stamp1, i'd do it.

1 okay, so 270 square feet would be a pretty big postage stamp, but for the sake of throwing a party, it would be about as practical as throwing a party on a real postage stamp. plus, since it's a studio, people would probably puke on my bed after drinking too much bum wine. that would probably be bad.
best newspaper headline ever:

"Naked man on crack rescued from alligator"

it's really, really easy to make me happy.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

i'm so proud of myself. i feel so productive. last night, i cleaned my apartment from top to bottom. i did all my laundry. i made my bed, i washed my dishes, and i made my apartment livable for once. i moved into my place in july, but i've spent so little time there that i had made zero effort to make it look clean or nice or livable. now, i'm spending a lot of time there, so i decided that i may as well made it a place i enjoy spending time in, and a place that i would allow my friends to come in and see. now, it is such a place.

today, i ran errands. i had a few more little houseware-type things i still needed to buy, so i bought them today. i also hit the grocery store for some much-needed food. i was getting so sick of not having any real food in my apartment. now, there's a little something there. my apartment is still a complete bachelor pad (as any place i ever live in will probably be), but at least it's a clean one, with more food in it than some stale crackers and some leftover pizza.

and, in other news...memery, ganked from squelch84! (i know, there have been too many memes here lately. it's a combo of two things--the proliferation of memes that amuse me right now, and the impending doom of finals week.

Instructions: Go to and copy the top hits from the year you turned 18. Strike through the ones you don't like, bold the ones you do, italicize the ones you know but neither like nor dislike. The ones you don't know leave plaintext.

*songs from 2000--the year i turned 18:*

1. Who Let The Dogs Out - Baha Men
2. Oops! I Did It Again - Britney Spears
3. Larger Than Life - Backstreet Boys (i sure didn't like it in 2000...but i've been getting really, really nostalgic for those boy bands. they've become a guilty pleasure. i know. i'm a terrible person.)
4. The Real Slim Shady - Eminem
5. Say My Name - Destiny's Child
6. Party Up - DMX
7. It's Gonna Be Me - N*Sync (this one might just be my favourite boy band song. i love this one.)
8. With Arms Wide Open - Creed
9. Thong Song - SisqO (i don't like it, unless i'm at a loud party. if i'm at a house party, or a frat party as i probably was in 2000, it's got a danceable beat.)
10. Graduation - Vitamin C
11. Bye Bye Bye - N*Sync
12. Jumpin' Jumpin' - Destiny's Child
13. I Turn To You - Christina Aguilera
14. Try Again - Aaliyah
15. Only God Knows Why - Kid Rock
16. She Bangs - Ricky Martin
17. Lucky - Britney Spears
18. The Bad Touch - Bloodhound Gang
19. Faded - Soul Decision (well, it's a terrible song...although it was really, really funny how often Carter played this song first year of college. those were the days.)
20. Pinch Me - Barenaked Ladies
21. Come On Over - Christina Aguilera
22. Back Here - BBMak
23. I Wanna Know - Joe
24. Country Grammar - Nelly (same deal as the Thong Song...don't like it unless i'm in the house party/frat party context. then, it pretty much rocks.)
25. It Wasn't Me - Shaggy with Ricardo Ducent
26. I Think I'm In Love With You - Jessica Simpson
27. Higher - Creed (what's with all the creed in 2000? my own prison was a fantastic album, but anything other than that album was just awful.)
28. Forgot About Dre - Dr. Dre & Eminem (yeah. this song is pimpin'. that's about all i have to say about that.)
29. Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) - 98°
30. Amazed - Lonestar (another needs-a-context song. it's a good song for sappy slowdancing.)
31. Feelin' So Good - Jennifer Lopez
32. If You're Gone - Matchbox Twenty
33. Music - Madonna
34. Heavy Things - Phish
35. Steal My Kisses - Ben Harper
36. Bent - Matchbox Twenty (i swear, this was on the radio every morning that spring, on the way to school. good song. good stuff.)
37. Hope - Shaggy
38. Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers (this song is six years old? i thought it was more recent. WTF? i'm getting old.)
39. Better Off Alone - Alice DeeJay
40. Little Black Back Pack - Stroke 9

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

dear devil's advocate,

this blog? sucks? that's news why? i've been writing this thing since 2003, and known ever since i started it that it was the most worthless blog on the internet. i keep it to amuse myself, and i keep it because i'm an attention whore. next time, cover news, or say something funny. the fact that my blog is terrible is old news, and reiterating that is a waste of space.

if you think you can provide better internet content, start publishing the devil's advocate on the internet. it's that simple.

at least you referred to the writers of this blog and of another humble wulaw blog as "bitches." i do not know who wrote the other one, so i can say nothing about whether or not the author may rightfully be referred to as a bitch, in jest or otherwise. but on this count, you are correct. i am a bitch. a major bitch. and, i take pride in that. but, you would know that already, wouldn't you? you've at least seen this blog once, or else you wouldn't be calling it out in the devil's advocate.

the persecuted crack smoker

new finger eleven album coming out! march 13, 2007! i'm so psyched! they haven't had a new album out since the summer of 2003. i've been wondering what was going on with them. i knew they hadn't broken up (like my other favourite band, cold, who broke up for good a few weeks ago after being in limbo for the last several months), but i didn't know if they had a new album in the works.

and they do.

and it will rock.

and then they will tour.

and i will see them for the first time since 2003.

i love it.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

going back to st. louis tomorrow. grumble. i wish there was no school this know it's going to be a long week when it's only sunday, not even monday, and you're wondering when the weekend is going to come back around.

i can't think clearly enough to make a real post, but i don't feel like going to bed yet. therefore, i'm going to be doing another meme, because it tells me what to write about, and i can go in short little bursts.

1. What curse word do you use the most?
oh gosh. no one who has only known me the last year or two would ever believe this, but i used to never curse, ever. i used to be vehemently opposed to cursing. now, i curse all the time. i probably overuse the word "ass" the most, but you name a curse word and i probably overuse that one as well.

2. Do you own an iPod?
nope. i have a creative zen mp3 player. it holds 40 gigs of music, and i got it for nice and cheap on e-bay las spring

3. What person on your friendslist do you talk to the most?
that would probably be megan...she never posts on her journal, but i do see her all the time at school and talk to her.

4. What time is your alarm clock set to?
9:31, since i have class at eleven. but, do i ever sleep in that late, in reality? almost never. instead, i'm usually at school by 9, wasting time in the lounge instead of wasting time in bed.

5. Do you still remember the first person you kissed?
yeah. his name was randy, and this was my senior year of high school. i was convinced he was the only person who would ever want to date me...boy, was i ever wrong. he was pretty boring. if i knew then what i know now, that i have a surprising amount of mojo for an awkward, geeky, big girl, i would probably have thought twice about that being my first kiss. although, his car was pretty sweet. he kissed me in his camaro. camaros are pretty darn sexy cars.

6. Do you remember where you were on 9/11/01?
chicago...getting ready for another day of orientation aide training, my second year of college

7. Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?
be in it. i can't take a picture to save my life, but really, i'm a total camera-whore.

8. What was the last movie you watched?
i went and saw Borat yesterday. it was a very funny movie...not the comedy revolution people make it out to be, but it was worth the time and money to go see, because it amused me a lot.

9. Do any of your friends have children?
none of my close friends have children.

10. Has anyone anyone ever called you lazy?
not enough people have called me lazy. maybe i do a good job of fooling them, or maybe they're just tactful, because honestly i'm the laziest person i know

11. Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep?
nope. i try to avoid taking medicine whenever possible.

12. What CD is currently in your CD player?
i don't have a cd player...but currently playing on my computer is "what's up" by 4 non blondes. (yes, i know, it's a terrible song. but, it's awesomely bad. i enjoy it. shut up.)

13. Do you prefer regular or chocolate?
regular or chocolate what? ice cream? candy? what's regular? is that vanilla? is that something else, like yoghurt?

14. Has anyone told you a secret this week?
i don't know if it's necessarily a *secret*, but definitely i've been told stuff that i should not be disclosing, for the protection of all parties involved

15. When was the last time you had Starbucks?
i grabbed coffee there on friday morning

16. Can you whistle?
not well, but i know how to do it

17. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
their smile. (as opposed to the same sex, where the first thing i notice is their body shape)

18. What are you looking forward to?
next weekend.

19. Did you watch cartoons as a child?
nope, not as much as i do now anyway. i wasn't crazy about cartoons as a kid.

23. Do you own any band t-shirts?
i own more than i can count

24. What will you be doing in one hour?
maybe sleeping, but more likely surfing the internet

25. Is anyone in love with you?
that's likely...although saying more than that would get into recent personal shit that's way too complicated for a public forum like this. if you know me closely, you know the picture. if you don't, then you don't.

26. What was the last song heard?
right now i've got "broken promises" by element eighty

27. Last time you cried?

28. Are you on a desktop computer or a lap top?
my laptop

29. Are you currently wanting any piercing or tattoos?
i don't know where i'd get it, but i'd love a tattoo of the chicago flag

30. What the weather like?
too warm for chicago in mid-november

31. Would you ever date a girl/guy covered in tattoos?
probably not...a few little ones are alright, but too many are a complete turn-off to me. i don't know why. but, even the rockers that i had my fun with back in the day weren't covered in tattoos.

32. What did you do before this?
played board games with my friends

33. When is the last time you slept on the floor?
last night, and my neck and back are still pissed off at me for it.

34. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
at least seven, preferably eight

35. Do you eat breakfast daily?
i can't function without it.

36. Are your days fast-paced?
depends on the day

37. What did you do last night?
went to the 5pm showing of borat, and then to a mexican restaurant, and then to a friend's place for a while, and then to too much light makes the baby go blind. then i crashed, because i was really sleepy and it was after 2am.

38. Do you use sarcasm?

39. How old will you be turning on your next birthday?
25 (don't make me think about that! i just turned 24 a week ago!)

40. Are you picky about spelling and grammar?
to a fault.

41. Have you ever been to Six Flags?
i've been to Great America a couple times

43. Do you get along better with the same sex or the opposite sex?
i get along with both...but i have more opposite-sex friends

44. Do you like mustard?
dijon mustard and honey mustard rock. stupid yellow mustard, on the other hand, is awful

45. Do you sleep on your side?

46. Do you watch the news?
who watches the news anymore? i read the news online, on the trib website usually...the closest thing i ever watch to news is sometimes i watch the daily show or the colbert report

47. How did you get one of your scars?
i've got a scar on my foot from when i was skinny-dipping in the law school fountain at the u of c during scavenger hunt. i fell, and skinned up my leg and foot really badly.

48. Who was the last person to make you mad?
we're not going into that here.

49. Do you like anybody?
i'm not a *complete* misanthrope...there are a few people floating around that i like.

50. What is the last thing you purchased?
indian food for dinner...mmmmm, sag paneer and naan.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

i saw casino royale last night...if you haven't seen it yet, RUN, DON'T WALK! see that movie! it was so much fun. i was a little hesitant after the first fight scene, the one in the construction site and the embassy, because it was so good that i thought there was no way the rest of the movie would live up to that fight scene. boy, was i wrong. the movie was fun to watch, the characters were interesting, and daniel craig is a fantastic james bond. i still maintain that pierce brosnan is hotter, but daniel craig inhabits the role of james bond so much better than pierce brosnan ever did. pierce brosnan was nothing if not slick. daniel craig, on the other hand, is 100% pure british bad-ass. i can't wait for the next bond movie he does, because casino royale was such a fun movie.

other than that, i'm being lazy. i've been watching bad tv all morning, waiting for the tool to get back to town. this afternoon, i think the plans are that we see borat, and then see too much light makes the baby go blind. i've been intending to see borat for two weeks now, and finally we're seeing it. it should be hilarious...i'm excited. as for too much's just been way too long since i've seen it. i think it was fall break, last year...i remember being on the train, on the way up to the theatre, the tool checking his phone every few seconds for score updates since it was the same night as game 1 of the world series last year, game 1 of the white sox triumph.

speaking of that, i don't think i ever commented on this year's world series on here. sure, it was kinda amusing being in st. louis this year when the cardinals won the series. the mass hysteria was pretty fun to watch. but, i couldn't really get into it like i did last year's series. even though i wasn't in chicago for most of the series last year, i care about the white sox. they're one of only four teams i care about: the orioles and the white sox i care about because i love them so much, and the yankees and the red sox i care about because i hate them with a blinding passion. i'm an american league, as long as it's not the yanks or the red sox representing the american league in the world series, i go for the american league team. so, i was pulling for the tigers. but, it was the kind of situation where i wasn't rooting for the tigers with every fibre of my being, and where i wouldn't be hopping mad if the cards won the series. i was disappointed, yes, but i didn't hang on every inning of the series like i did last year. it was a minor blip, a sociological curiosity...and not a sporting event for the ages.

Friday, November 24, 2006

this is interesting. apparently, the president-elect of the christian coalition has decided to resign, and not take the presidency of the organization. why? because the organization is so fixated on the issues of abortion and gay marriage, and refuses to expand to other issues that also pertain to christians, such as poverty and the environment.

i say, good for him. i don't necessarily agree with the christian coalition's viewpoints on many things, or on their tactics, but at least there's someone who wanted to expand its focus to being a more overall-christian pressure group, as opposed to focusing on only abortion and gay marriage. it's too bad that so many people already in the group's leadership are so resistant to expanding its focus. i can only hope that one of two things will happen--it will eventually expand its focus and become a more general conservative-christian group, or that people will backlash and the group will die out for being a strictly double-issue (or, make that single-issue, as in anti-personal-autonomy) group. i'm glad there are some conservative christians out there who realise that living their faith is more than simply pressuring people that there is One Right Kind of sexual relationship, heterosexual marriage for procreation. people can choose to hold those beliefs, and to advocate for them, even though i could not agree less with them. but, that one belief is not enough to sustain a spiritual life, or a political existence.
alright, thanks to farker No Such Agency, the best internet graphic i've seen in a very long time:

i think that about says it all. if god came down and said that to everyone, and they listened, this world would be a far better place.
it's pretty funny that i'm most like elvis.

it's really funny that i'm apparently 0% like jesus.

go me.

You scored as Elvis Presley. The United States has never been a democracy but actually a monarchy...with it's citizens bowing to one throne. Born in Tupelo, you are the King. You have a tendency to be promiscuous, you'll probably die of a drug overdose or be abducted by aliens, and you're also responsible for the ousting of Jesus/Yahweh from the throne of gold.

Elvis Presley


C.G. Jung


Stephen Hawking


Miyamoto Musashi


Friedrich Nietzsche


Sigmund Freud


Steven Morrissey


Dante Alighieri


Hugh Hefner


Charles Manson


O.J. Simpson


Mother Teresa


Adolf Hitler


Jesus Christ


What Pseudo Historical Figure Best Suits You?
created with
i love watching bad dating shows.

blind date is on spike right now, and this one guy on there had the most pathetic little coup ever. he asked blind date to hook him up with his co-worker. he should have known it was a terrible idea. but, he had no idea--he thought he would get hooked up with her on blind date, and live happily ever after. he actually fessed up to her that he told blind date to hook them up and that he had a crush on her. she, of course, thought he was some kind of psycho stalker. she kept her distance the entire time, and told her that she didn't date co-workers as a matter of policy. he never got the hint, kept hitting on her, and kept making sexual innuendoes. of course, at the end, she rebuffed his attempt to kiss her, and he felt like a total chump. serves him right, really, for being crazy enough to ask blind date to set him up with a co-worker.

i love stupid people. they make me laugh.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

happy thanksgiving, all. eat lots of turkey, have lots of fun, and forget about stress, work, and everything else for the day. let the tryptophan take you away. :D

as for me...i'm in chicago. i took the bus in yesterday after i finally finished my paper. i'm glad i got it to the required length, and i think i put all the points i needed in. it wasn't particularly good, but it was complete, and given the stars deciding to align such that they did not want me to get that paper done, i'm proud i finished it.

that means, one class down and four to go. i just want this semester to be over. pretrial will be done next week, and i have three finals to deal with.

and...i'm dealing with exactly none of those classes now. i took none of my schoolbooks to chicago with me, and it is glorious.
legends of the hidden temple is on now.

i haven't seen this show since middle school.

today's legend is about pirates.

olmec just referred to "a muttering old crazy."

can my night get any better?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

i've earned my devil horns today.

and i'm still nowhere near done with that darn paper i have to turn in before i leave for chicago.
so, there hasn't been some blatant memery here in a while. and, since i have a paper due today, clearly i should be doing silly internet memes instead of actually writing the darn thing.

i have until 2:30 or so, right? the paper is due at 5, but i've got to have it in before i go home, pack, and catch my bus to chicago--which leaves union station at 5. i'm so happy there were still bus tickets to chicago, because getting out of st. louis is going to be good for me, and seeing kevin and phil is going to be good for me. after everything that's been going on, nothing will be better for me than a nice long trip to chicago.

anyway, memery, ganked from mysti.


So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool...

OPENING CREDITS: "my favourite game" by the cardigans--i love this song, it's got such a feeling of running away from everything. i guess it's as good an opening song as any, since i do a lot of fucking things up and running away. story of my life.

WAKING UP: "parking lot" by emmet swimming--this is shaping up to be the most depressing soundtrack ever. "...there's no sound when things fall apart." this isn't so much a wakeup song, as a waking-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed song.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: "867-5309 (jenny)" by tommy tutone--i'm not even going to try to explain what this song has to do with the first day of school. well, maybe i'll try. it's a fun song, and i really enjoyed starting school. it got me out of the house. furthermore, i started school in the eighties, and this song is about as eighties as it gets without involving a hair band.

FALLING IN LOVE: "butterflies instead" by k's choice--wow. totally not a first-love kind of song. it's a song, from a kid's point of view, about parental divorce. the soundtrack gets weirder.

FIGHT SONG: "without" by escape from earth--this is a total cigarette lighter ballad, unless they do it punk-style. as far as i know, however, the punk-style was never recorded, they only did it for giggles when they were totally misbooked here in st. louis, with a bunch of country bands, and decided to be total goofs to confuzzle the couple of real fans that were there. but, this is still more of a stop-fighting song.

BREAKING UP: "middle of nowhere" by the blank theory. finally, a song that makes some sense. the blank theory, really anything they do, is fantastic break-up music. (i should know, they've gotten me through a couple now.) "i don't always recognize me...not even my own face...i can't take the ups and downs...i have to take these pills..." it's a song about being disconnected and alienated from what's real.

PROM: "ted mack" by wesley willis--i love it. it's a song about a murderer killing someone and getting thrown in jail for it, done in real wesley willis style. i think my prom would have been better if there had been a little wesley willis, or a little killing, or anything other than what it actually was. if you know me well enough, you know my prom story, and you know why it sucked so much.

LIFE: "remember" by disturbed--a perfect anthem here. "i'm just holding let them know...what's given to me..." yep, sounds like my life.

MENTAL BREAKDOWN: "to the moon and back" by savage garden--this song allows for a little too much optimism to be a real mental-breakdown song. the person he's singing about is having a mental breakdown, but he's standing there, wanting to save her, and she actually is contemplating going to the moon, going where things are good. then again, this is probably a perfect breakdown song, because i do have that moon--a bunch of friends who are there for me when my life sucks.

DRIVING: "casualty" by snake river conspiracy--totally not a driving song. it's a sultry, seductive, and slow kind of song. but, i guess it's alright that i don't have a driving song as my driving song, as i don't drive. i can ride the CTA to a sultry song, right?

FLASHBACK: "needles" by seether--a song about pure angry sadism. i don't know what that's supposed to mean as a flashback, since even though i'm a pretty angsty person, i don't think i'm particularly sadistic or vengeful.

WEDDING: "breed" by snake river conspiracy"--makes sense, since i don't plan to marry or have kids. "breed...breed on your're always suffering clone..." yep, that about sounds like what i'd tell someone if they wanted to marry me or have kids, given that if they wanted that, they'd have to be pretty freaking oblivious to stay with me and try and make me do that. i'd probably tell them to breed on their own.

BIRTH OF CHILD: "fast car" by tracy chapman--makes sense, as i would probably hop into a fast car if anyone suggested that they wanted me to have their babies.

FINAL BATTLE: "staring at the sun" by the offspring--angry, energetic mojo song. this works for a final battle, as long as i'm the hero.

DEATH SCENE: "love potion no. 9" by the clovers--*waves chewbacca poster* THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!! maybe that's how i die in my movie. i win my final battle, i take some love potion no. 9 because really, all i want to do after my big battle is go have some sex, but then i kissed the cop at thirty-fourth and vine--and instead of breaking my bottle of potion, he was offended by my sexual harassment, and decided to shoot me and kill me.

FUNERAL SONG: "rock 'n roll hero" by caroline's spine--if people remember me as a rock hero, that would be pretty awesome. this song is an introspective elegy to a thoughtful rock singer. i love it.

END CREDITS: "enjoy the silence" by anberlin (cover of depeche mode)--an emo cover of an eighties song as the end credits in my movie? i don't know about that. but, i guess it is a good end credits song...i'm picturing credits rolling over this song, and it's kind of a pleasant sight in my mind's eye.

can't sleep.

this sucks.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

alright. i've been struggling for a week, and i found the right song lyrics for my mood. it came on random, on my computer, and it's official--i'm going back to this song, and it's going to be what keeps me sane. usually that song is either "back 2 good" by matchbox20 or (more recently) "paper wings" by rise against, but this one is so much more topical. and, when i'm looking for a fuzzy blanket, topical is key.

by eve 6

i took a ride to meet an enemy
october light shown bright through the windshield
right into my eyes where i was silent riding shotgun
chewing on some sugar free gum
parallel park and pay the meter
if i die before i leave tell her i'll never leave her
i am fine
just a little
broken up
ok my nerves have never been so shot

can't get this shit off my mind
i just want to be alright

so just tell me nothing's wrong
then get undressed and spend the night

the autumn sun burning logic in my brain
i'm asking why there is pleasure when there's pain
i'm here to pay for my mistakes in a humiliating manner
if there is a next time i'll cover up

i feel alone
i feel shaky and uncertain
a kind man shakes my hand and draws the curtain
in a word he saves my life
and then i exit out the enter door and smile

can't get this shit off my mind
i just want to be alright
so just tell me nothing's wrong
then get undressed and spend the night

i took a ride to meet an enemy
i faced a fear of mine and shivered but didn't blink
i took a ride to meet an enemy to end all the madness
and now i know that i'll be fine
i am fine
i am fine

can't get this shit off my mind
i just want to be alright
so just tell me nothing's wrong
then get undressed and spend the night

just want to be fine
judging mock trial rocks. i hadn't done it since spring break, and i got to judge the slu tournament this weekend. it really made me miss mock trial, though...i'm still so sad that there really doesn't seem to be a team that needs a coach here. sigh. oh well, hopefully when i move back to chicago, once law school is finally over, i'll be able to get back into coaching a team actively. i miss college mock trial a lot.

other than that...since my blog's been full enough of cryptic idiocy, i'll end this post here, for now. no use in posting stuff for the sake of confusing anyone, at least not today.

Friday, November 17, 2006

i listened to this song all the time my last year of college and on my year off. i had forgotten about it...and just recently revisited it. i love this song so much. it's pure, distilled rage with a great melody.

"broken promises"
by element eighty

the day you left me
there was a feeling i have never shown
the day you told me
there were the words that i have never known
and now it's over
so what's left that i should ever feel
'cause since the day you left me i have been so alone

and now we're left with broken promises
my heart can't take no more
and now we're left with broken promises
my mind has had enough

deep inside me
there are things that i have never told
they burn inside me
and now i need to know
why are you trying to take everything away from me
well i'm begging you
i'm here with nothing left to show
'cause since the day you left me i have been so alone

and now we're left with broken promises
my heart can't take no more
and now we're left with broken promises
my mind has had enough

look at how you turned on me
you ran away and left me here with nothing to say
i'm a man so turn around and say it to me
don't you think i've got something to say
look at how you turned on me
you ran away and left me here with nothing to say
i'm a man so turn around and say it to me
don't you think i've got something to say
now look at how you turned on me
you ran away and left me here with nothing to say
i'm a man so turn around and say it to me
don't you think i've got something to say

and now we're left with broken promises
my heart can't take no more
and now we're left with broken promises
my mind has had enough
and now we're left with broken promises
my heart can't take no more
and now we're left with broken promises
my mind has had enough
registration worksheet feature for the win.

yesterday i found out you could type the course numbers in beforehand, so there'd be a clickable link when registering, instead of having to type in all the numbers at 7:30am. not having to worry about speed and accuracy this early in the morning made registration so easy.

there were only ten or eleven slots left in trial advocacy, but i got into that class. (thank goodness!) in fact, i got everything i wanted. i'm already in my clinic, i didn't have to bid for that, but i signed up for trial, litigation ethics and practice management, and environmental moot court. i also signed up for sexuality and the law...although i'm leaning toward taking the ethics class next semester, the waitlist was so short for sexuality and the law (i'm no. 7 on the waitlist) that i decided to get on there and see what would happen.

this means i'm a little closer to knowing what i'm taking next semester. litigation ethics, i found out, is a three-credit class and not a two-credit class...which will put me up to 13 or 14 credits this semester instead of 12 or 13. no big deal there, besides, it will make third year even easier, i'll have to take less credits third year.

as it stands, i'll decide between ethics and sexuality if i get the chance, if i get into sexuality off the wait list. as for environmental moot court, that depends on whether i make patent moot court. those tryouts are next week. if i make patent moot court, i'll drop environmental. (patent sounds more interesting, and it's two credits instead of one credit.) trial and my clinic are set in stone--come hell or high water, i'm taking both of those classes, since they're things i've been dying to do since i got into law school.

all in all, i'd say this was a successful registration session. it was fast, it was easy, and i got what i wanted.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

1. awesome comment on overheard in chicago today:

Woman: (on cell) "So when are you going to start having kids? This summer? No? Oh. You're going to start having them in September so you can drink during the summer. Yeah. That does sound like good family planning."
- Loyola "L" Stop

2. does it make me a bad person that i've been reading every article i find about the britney spears/kevin federline breakup? i'm generally not one for celebrity gossip, but this particular thread of it amuses the heck out of me. it's probably because k-fed (fed-ex?) is such an easy butt to any joke. he thinks he's such a pimp, he acts like he's got so much money despite the fact that he now must either extort it out of britney spears, or sell a sex tape. it's amusing how much of a loser he is, and what a talentless hack he is.

besides, how can you not be amused by him? his kick game is ridiculous!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

this blog hasn't been inundated with song lyrics in a while, and it's about time that it is so inundated, again. this blog is all about what's running in my head, and i have (as a matter of necessity, a matter of sanity) been reconnecting with my inner music head as of late.


by dysception

one day it’s here
the next day it’s gone
what should i think
about what’s going on

about what's going on

somehow this always happens
would anyone understand
who can i even tell
that would give a damn

i keep it bottled inside
i have no one to tell
feeling as though i might scream
i need to find exactly what this means
to me
to me

is there something i should say
something i should do
i’m so confused right now
i only wish i knew

i only wish i knew

i keep it bottled inside
i have no one to tell
feeling as though i might scream
i need to find exactly what this means
to me
to me

i can’t take it
i can't take it
i can't take it
i need to let it out

i keep it bottled inside
i have no one to tell
feeling as though i might scream
i need to find exactly what this means to me
i keep it bottled inside
i have no one to tell
feeling as though i might scream
i need to find exactly what this means
to me
to me

i love dysception. i miss them a lot...they were one of the best bands on the chicago music scene, circa 2003, and i saw them whenever i could. their songs are good, their lyrics are blunt, and sometimes they're just what i need. today? that kind of day.


"back 2 good"
by matchbox20

it's nothing
it's so normal
you just stand there
i could say so much
but i don't go there 'cause i don't want to
i was thinking if you were lonely
maybe we could leave here and no one would know
at least not to the point that we would think so

everyone here knows everyone here is thinking about somebody else
and it's best if we all keep it under our heads
i couldn't tell if anyone here was feeling the way i do
but i'm lonely now
and i don't know how
to get it back to good

this don't mean that you own me well
this ain't no good in fact it's phony as hell
yeah but things worked out just like you wanted to
if you see me out you don't know me
try to turn your head
try to give me some room
to figure out just what i'm going to do

and everyone here hates everyone here for doing just like they do
and it's best if we all keep this quiet instead
and i couldn't tell why everyone here was doing me like they do
but i'm sorry now
and i don't know how
to get it back to good

everyone here is wondering what it's like to be with somebody else
and everyone here's to blame
and everyone hereg ets caught up in the pleasure of the pain
yeah well everyone here hides shades of shame
yeah but looking inside we're the same we're the same
and we're all grown now
but we don't know how
to get it back to good

everyone here knows everyone here is thinking 'bout somebody else
and it's best if we all keep this under our heads
i couldn't tell if anyone here was feeling the way i do
but it's over now
and i don't know how
guess it's over now
there's no getting back to good

what needs to be said about this song that hasn't already been said? it's a classic. a ten...year...old...classic that got me through my high school years, my college years, and now my law school years. it's my old, beaten up blankie, only so beaten up because it's so comfortable, so well loved.
i just realised that, as of october 1 of this year, my favourite refuge of safety on a terrible day, "yourself or someone like you" by matchbox20, is ten years old.

this leads me to state two things that are rather obvious, although i'm going to state them anyway:

1. i'm getting old. really old.1
2. that album really stands the test of time. i've found lots of decent bad day albums since then, but none that are just as perfect as that one.

1 then again, i already knew this. i'm turning 24 on sunday. at 23, i can still pretend that i'm in my early twenties, as opposed to my mid-twenties. at 24, i can't even pretend that anymore. that's freaking me out.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i've learned that no matter how much i tried to change this, no matter how much i want to think this is not the case...i'm the same damn girl i was in college.
an interesting article about the western tyranny of size and fashion.

Monday, November 13, 2006

"complicated questions"
by finger eleven

easy to be taken with everything you’re saying
make us perfect and say it all again
but if every single second’s killing
tell me i’m dreaming
i’ll sleep it all away

tear out this love
tear up the root
tear out this love
tear me from you

you know you can tell me anything you want to
tell me something that I’d never know
could be cautious as the words roll over your tongue
i’m stung with sick discovery

tear out this love
tear up the root
tear out this love
tear me from these complicated questions
taking all the empty spaces inside me
i don't want to hear these simple answers
but complicated answers never did you any justice anyway
i don't want to hear you lie to me
complicated as we are we’re going have to burn it all away

tell me now if every single second's killing
tell me i'm dreaming

complicated questions take up all the empty spaces inside me
i don't want to hear these simple answers
but complicated answers never did you any justice anyway
i don't want to hear you lie to me
complicated as we are we’re going to tear out this love

tear out this love
tear up the root
tear out this love
tear out this love
tear me from you
my tax textbook keeps repeating the phrase "market value." thus, i keep snickering. anyone who mocked state v. harmon with me knows exactly why.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

this is the funniest thing i've read on wikipedia in a long time.

joey levine is a songwriter, and has been since the mid-sixties.

joey ramone decided to go by "joey" in honour of joey levine.

joey levine has been writing ad jingles since the late sixties.

these ad jingles include "this is budweiser. this is beer."

that amuses me way more than it should. :D

in other news...i've spent the entire weekend judging speech and debate, so i've been generally away from the computer. it was a lot of fun. i had never done debate or speech before (as anyone who reads this probably already knows, i'm a mocker girl). i didn't know they had so many forensic events at the college level. i don't have any really crazy stories...but it was a good weekend.

well, i do have a crazy story, but it doesn't involve debate. this morning, i had to be at the tournament site at 8:30. no sweat...i was going to catch the #1 bus at 7:53, be on campus by a little after eight, it was going to be awesome.

or, not.

the bus didn't come. i wait, and wait, and it's finally five after eight, and still no bus. it was twenty-five minutes 'til round, and it was a forty minute walk at my usual pace from the corner where i wait for the bus to the building where the rounds were. my usual pace is a decent one...especially since whenever i walk to school, it usually means i have somewhere to go by a certain time.

and i did it in twenty-seven minutes. it involved plenty of powerwalking and all-out running, but i did it. i was proud of myself.

Friday, November 10, 2006

the political compass quiz...

thought it would be appropriate now, given that it's the end of election season...and i just stumbled across it for the first time in a very long time.

as for me, i'm:

Economic Left/Right: -8.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.13

i'm curious to see where the rest of my readers fall.
it's a pet penguin.

who shops.

for fish.

in other words, it's the greatest thing ever, and i want one.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

my blatant inability to defend a deposition is stunning.
dear chicago tribune,

i was reading an article in your fine newspaper today. you were discussing several democrats deciding not to run for mayor. that was informative coverage.

but, one of the lines in your article betrayed that whoever wrote the article1 is a moron who lacks basic knowledge of how the city of Chicago works. the article actually bothered to state, before stating the assumption that Mayor Daley probably will run again, that "Daley has not announced his candidacy."

the fact that someone would put that in an article leads me to think that this anonymous write actually believes that Mayor Daley has to announce his candidacy. we're talking about the same Mayor Daley that doesn't put his first name on his campaign signs or the signs of the aldermen whom he supports--the signs just say "Mayor Daley." we're talking about the same Mayor Daley who has served as Chicago's mayor for the last seventeen and a half years, the same Mayor Daley whose father served as Chicago's mayor for twenty-one years, who held the mayoral post from the time he was elected until he keeled over and died.

in other words...he's a Daley. that should mean something. he doesn't have to announce his candidacy. just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, if there is an incumbent Mayor Daley, he will run again, and will remain the incumbent Mayor Daley.

if you're going to hire people to write for your Chicago newspaper, you really should make sure they know the city well enough not to even raise the question of Mayor Daley having to announce his candidacy. you don't print disclaimers by the sunrise and sunset times every day, saying that the sun hasn't declared that it's going to rise or set tomorrow.


1 it's a "tribune staff report", which only leads me to believe that the writer knows he is stupid, or the editor wants to cover the fact that the writer is stupid.
today sucks.

not only do i have a paper due in six hours, but the lid just fell off of my coffee as i was sipping it...sending hot coffee cascading down the front of my shirt and into my lap.

that always seems to happen at kayak's...the cups get soggy, and they either disintegrate or the top rim gets so sodden with coffee that it swells, and the lid pops off. i'd hate this place if it weren't such a good place to get work done...the coffee cups are terrible, the coffee is mediocre, and the food...unless i'm in the mood for an egg sandwich, there's nothing good to eat here, and it's overpriced as all get out. but, there are plenty of outlets, there's dependable internet, and since i only go here to get work done when everything has come down to the wire, i get a feeling of productivity.

although, now, i'm hoping i get my paper done quickly enough that i can duck home before my 3pm class. otherwise, i'm going to have to attend pretrial covered in coffee stains. this would be double bad...not only would i be covered in coffee as i ran around school, but the depositions we are doing are video i'll be preserved for posterity, covered in coffee.

today sucks.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

dear missouri board of elections,

next year, will you ever so kindly mail your precinct location and election date reminder cards a little earlier, so they don't arrive the day after election day?

the persecuted crack smoker
holy shit.

the day's getting even better. good riddance, asshat.
claire mccaskill? won.

stem cell amendment? passed.

house? blue.

senate? not clear yet, but the democrats have slim leads in virginia and montana, the two seats they need. it's looking good.

minimum wage? raised to $6.50 an hour in a landslide.

the "no pensions for felon judges" amendment? passed. (yeah...not a surprise there, but good to see nonetheless.)

call me happy.

it wasn't a perfect day, of course.

the tobacco tax didn't pass...which annoys me, because cigarettes are so undertaxed in missouri that it's not even funny.

another city measure that got under my skin, one that would require all employees of the saint louis city police department to live in the city proper, also passed. it's a nonbinding resolution, thank goodness, but i still think it's silly to say that police officers and all other employees of the department must live in the city. i understand the idea that police officers should have a connection to the community where they work, but there's nothing forcing police officers to work in the small area of the city where they live and are most connected, and i think it's an artificial line to draw that would prevent qualified police officers who live near, but not in, the city of st. louis, from serving the city.

still, however...this is the first major election day that i have been so happy about in ten years, since bill clinton won another term. and even so, this one is probably even better, just because of the surprise and excitement. everyone knew clinton was going to beat bob dole. but, many of these key races were too close to call until the returns came in, and the chips are falling the democrats' way.

i'm sure i'll return to my regularly scheduled cynicism soon, but for now, i'm hopeful to see what happens.
city votes are rolling in.

mccaskill has finally pulled ahead.

*crosses fingers*
*knocks on wood*

i'm so tired, but i can't go to bed until they call this thing.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

polls are closed...time to wait and hope.

i spent most of the day canvassing around Soulard, trying to get out the vote among the registered democrats. given that it was the middle of the day, most people weren't home. a few were, though, and everyone who answered the door was nice, receptive, and were hopefully honest in telling me that they were going out to the polls to vote.

there were a few snafus that were quite annoying. the poll that i went to at 6am, to monitor the opening, opened smoothly, but several of the polls in that area (and many outside of it) had some really scary problems. this year, missouri is using both electronic voting machines and paper optical-scan ballots. in several of the precincts, the electronic machines were down, and the optical scanner wasn't working. they had to stuff the paper ballots in a ballot box and wait for there to be a functional scanner. hopefully, they'll actually get a working scanner to those places...or bring the ballots to somewhere with a working scanner...and actually remember to scan and count all these ballots that have been stuffed in boxes, waiting.

in the area i was canvassing, there was confusion about the polling place. they had recently changed the polling place, and we ran into someone who was confused about where to go vote. we ended up going to the old polling place around 7:30 this morning, making big old signs to tell them where the actual polling place was, and hanging them on the doors. hopefully they found the polling place alright, after that.

anyway...i'm tired, i'm loopy, and i've been up since 4:30 this morning. i'm going to watch election returns until i'm too tired to keep my eyes open, and then get some sleep.

i'm getting nervous. only twenty percent of missouri polls are in, so it's still early, but talent is ahead. hopefully that means that it's mostly republican districts that are in...hopefully once the votes from st. louis city, and other democratic districts, get counted, it'll become more even. it's about the same with respect to the stem cell amendment. i'm getting nervous...i wish i knew what polls were in and not in, i just want to know.

but, hey. at least, whatever happens in missouri...pennsylvania voters have cleaned santorum out of the senate. bob casey is kind of a moron...but at least it's one more democratic seat. (and it's not rick santorum.)

Monday, November 06, 2006

four words that mean that Happy Feet is going to be the best movie ever:


the bad: i woke up before 7 this morning and couldn't fall back asleep. this stinks because i didn't fall asleep until 2am last night.

the good: the backyardigans is on in the lounge. i heart the backyardigans. it's a children's show with a group of five animals--including pablo the penguin. the animals sing, dance, and go on extremely silly journeys. i probably wouldn't like the show as much if it didn't have a penguin in it, but it's a great show.

here's a picture of pablo the penguin. why? because he's a penguin--do i need any other reason?

(and, speaking of penguins, less than two weeks before happy feet comes out!)
i played with fire tonight.

heh-heh. fire. fire is cool.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

this is the funniest thing i've read in a long time. it's the sales page for the kevin federline album. the reviews that people wrote are just priceless. there are a few that are serious, but the vast majority are facetious. the facetious ones are absolutely awesome. my favourite is this one:

"Today I went out and bought this album. My CD player in my car thanked me as soon as I inserted the cd. I turned the stereo up to full blast, and all the people were staring at me and thinking "Dang, that guy is pimpin" I am so blessed to be living in the era of Federline. My grandpa had Lawrence Welk, my dad had the Beatles, and I have Federline."

there's another one about how the album cured a guy's club foot and his parkinson's, which also made me giggle uncontrollably. kevin federline may be a terrible rapper...but he's a fantastic butt of a joke.