Sunday, October 15, 2006

tonight is the season finale for Flavor of Love. i can't wait. it's down to deelishis and new york...deelishis had better win. why? because i hate new york. i know, instinctively, that new york is going to win...she got brought back from last season, and i'm sure flav won't drop her again. but, i can hope. i'm not enamoured with deelishis, but at least she's not an annoying, psychotic bitch. although...if flav saw what a harpy new york was last season and brought her back, i guess he's getting what he deserves if he picks her this time.

other than that, there's not a whole lot up. i spent yesterday recovering from friday night, sleeping in, lazing around, and then sleeping some more. i got to the grocery store yesterday evening--that's useful and practical, right? right? bueller?

i did learn one important lesson this afternoon. teaching oneself basic trademark law can make one go nuts.1 i was reading about certain trademark suits you can file, and all i could think was whether or not voldemort had registered the dark mark as his service mark?2 it would be a shame if poor voldemort had to deal with inferior evil wizards doing evil deeds. doesn't he have an interest in restricting the use of the dark mark to real death eaters and their evil deeds and ties?

1 no, i'm not teaching myself trademark law for no reason. there is a reason. i'm trying out for trademark law moot court in about a week, and since i have no knowledge of trademark law whatsoever, i decided i may as well know some basic stuff about it so i can sound Not Completely Dumb in my oral argument for tryouts.
2 if you haven't read harry potter, you suck. for your benefit, here's a dark mark, the symbol used to identify death eaters (followers of voldemort, the main bad guy) and their evil deeds.


jimarthur said...

love the footnotes, Gunner. If you drop a footnote and nobody reads it, does a falling tree in the woods make a sound?

nicolle said...

if you drop a footnote and nobody reads it, are you a legal academic?

/that would be awesome, because it's the only way i'll ever end up a legal academic.