Thursday, October 12, 2006

this makes me happy. it's a series of links to youtube videos of beavis and butt-head, making commentary on videos.

some of them i remember. some of them i don't. the only real disappointment is that it doesn't have a link to the greatest one ever. i still can't remember what song it's for, but it has a bunch of women running around in these crazy short skirts that flounce way out, at which point beavis chants "butts! butts! butts!"

that was the funniest thing ever when i was thirteen. now that i'm twenty-three, i find it just as funny.


jim arthur said...

I am disappointed...why no footnotes to this post?

nicolle said...

i was mixing it up a bit. one little link is hardly worthy of a footnote, at least not today, given my arbitrary will.

jimarthur said...

I took trusts and estates. I don't recall discussing an "arbitrary will." Sounds, well, arbitrary.

nicolle said...

that was so cheesy that i feel obligated to respond, although i am unable to come up with a pithy witticism at this time.

jim arthur said...

Try running in place for five minutes and then repeat "Pithy Witticism" five times.

WUlaw said...

Nikki, why is "Top Gunner" not in your list of blogs that you read? It should be!

nicolle said...

jim arthur: that wouldn't help. i'd just look ridiculous. i'm good enough at making a moron of myself without running in place and repeating things.

wulaw: i want to list an anonymously written blog that enjoys mercilessly mocking me, why? [and, by the way, it's spelled "nicky."] :)

WUlaw said...

No, it is spelled "Nikki" for us. Always has been.

As for merciless mocking, we don't mock at all. We report. Fair and Balanced. You have to admit that the footnotes are a little obssessive and do not belong on social blogs. We like Nikki.

Moreover, Top Gunner is not aimed at you...It is dedicated to all the gunners of the world. It examines gunners in genreal.

Our last argument is logical: You read Top Gunner (I know you do!). The title of the section of your webpage is "Blogs I Read" or something like that. Therefore, Top Gunner ought to be listed, otherwise you need to change the section to be something like "Blogs I Read and Subjectively Think Do Not Mock Me" or "Blogs I Read and Like".

Allow me to reduce it as such.
Proposition A: You Read Top Gunner.
Proposition B: You have "Blogs I Read" Section
Proposition C: Under "Blogs I Read" section, you list blogs that you read.

Result D: Top Gunner is [should be] listed under "Blogs I Read" because of A, B, and C.

Please. We are SHINY.

nicolle said...

okay. you win. for amusing use of the word "shiny."

WUlaw said...

Thank you Nikki! Keep on Shining!