Wednesday, October 25, 2006

my beautiful plans for what classes to take for the rest of law school have been foiled! all three remaining semesters in law school present serious problems.

first of all, spring 2007. i was planning on taking indian law. i can't, which makes me sad because the professor (my property prof from last year) is awesome, and he's not teaching this class 3L year. it meets monday, tuesday, and thursday from 2-3. problem is, i'm in a clinic that has meetings on tuesday from 3:30 until 5:30. these meetings are at the st. louis county public defender's office, and there's no way i can get from the law school to the public defender on public transportation in half an hour. since i'm not going to pay for a cab every week, and i'm not going to set up a class schedule that's contingent on being able to bum rides every week, indian law appears has to be a no go. on top of that, criminal justice administration is being taught next semester, but it meets at 9:30am on wednesdays and fridays. monday through thursday morning classes are bad because it could conflict with court dates for my clinic, and friday morning classes are just plain unpleasant. this class poses both problems. it's being taught again next semester, but that leads to my next problem:

fall 2007. the semester of Too Many Interesting Classes. i'm listing all the classes i want to take next year, by semester, and so far i have twenty-six hours worth of classes that look interesting to take next fall. most of them aren't even being offered any semester i'm here except for that semester. this makes me sad, because it means that i won't get to take everything i want. i know advanced trial advocacy is non-negotiable, but beyond that, i don't even know which classes i'm going to take. maybe i'll dump my ethics all the way to spring semester and hope i get into reel justice? that would suck in a sense, because i hate watching movies, but maybe watching movies would still be better than reading for the legal profession? i don't know. i also want to take the MPRE while i'm in school, so i have at least two shots at it before the bar, so i should find out if i have to take ethics before it, or just delve in and take the darn test. who knows.

finally, the biggest problem of all: spring 2008. the class offerings for spring 2008 suck. they suck a lot. fall 2007 is full of classes that look absolutely fascinating, and then spring they offer nothing that tickles my fancy except for advanced practical criminal procedure. this means that if i can't swing being able to take a second clinic that semester, then i'm going to be stuck, my last semester of law school, taking a bunch of classes that are going to bore me to death. if i had any interest in the washington DC clinic, that would be the time to do it, except i don't. i don't want to go into politics or administrative law, and furthermore, i'd rather jump off a bridge than ever live there again. the summer of 2002 was more than enough for me. DC is a terrible place to live...between the summer heat, the lack of fun things to do, and the transportation shutting down so early, i'd be more than happy never to go there again. this means i'm going to have to swing another clinic here in st. louis that semester, either the appellate clinic, the civil justice clinic, or the judicial clerkship clinic. the enjoyment of the end of my 3L year depends on it.

what a mess.

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