Tuesday, October 10, 2006

michael phillips, entertainment writer for the chicago tribune, wins the first annual snark-tastic award from the prestigious journalistic academy of persecuted crack smokers.

there's a new british mockumentary coming out called "death of a president", dealing with the fallout of a hypothetical assassination of president bush. many of the large movie theatre chains have refused to carry the movie, and the movie is going to open at the music box, a sort of artsy movie theatre in chicago. the final paragraph of his article in the trib underscores the huge problem with the knee-jerk reactions to controversial books, articles, and movies:

"Director Gabriel Range's movie has come under fire from many conservative pundits. Some have even seen it."


Anonymous said...

You don't have to see the movie to think that its premise is wrong and distasteful. Whether you like the guy or not, the assassination of a president is not the proper subject matter, even for a mock-u-mentory (or whatever the fuck it is). There is a line and even M. Moore respects it (at times).

Anonymous said...

No such line is worth respecting in a time when we are flirting with the worst authoritarian impulses that national tragedies bring out. -Eric