Tuesday, October 03, 2006

i've had complaints from one of my readers1 that i haven't been updating. despite the fact that my life is pretty dull right now, and i don't have much to rant about, ranting about nothing is still more amusing than attempting to look up void-for-vagueness cases on westlaw, only to be plagued by the patently unreliable wireless internet service in the student lounge2.

first of all..i have scoured the bastion of reliable information that is the internet. so far, i have found nothing to suggest to me that a "daisy chain" refers at all to creatively using the annual exclusion in order to stop the government from taxing gifts and/or estates.3 i think i spent a significant chunk of class today with a look on my face that wavered somewhere between bemused and amused, and this is why.

secondly...i don't read something awful particularly often, but today's update was hysterical. i am specifically alluding to the mental picture of some extremely baked guy buying "joint juice" when he's on a beer run. no, you dummy. joint juice is for old people who want to take nutritional supplements to help their arthritic joints. it's for a legal purpose. if joint juice got you high, they probably couldn't sell it at the store4. reading about people doing idiotic things like that makes me so happy that i'm not a pot smoker. i do enough stupid things on my own anyway.

finally...a hearty round of congrats to The Gay Man for passing the bar. i'll now be able to say that i knew the great Foofy Attorney when he was just a wee lad, mocking trials instead of doing them for real. i also now have my proof positive that you don't have to be a stick in the mud to pass character and fitness, even in illinois where they're that strict. this is good to know, since it's looking like i'll be taking the illinois bar one of these days, coming up far sooner than i would like.

1 i have readers? who depend on me for amusement? i know, i'm just as shocked as you probably are.
2 how am i supposed to look through 200 cases if it takes five minutes to load each one? how?
3 i've checked dictionary.com. i've checked wikipedia. if you really want to gouge your eyes out, you can read another one of my sources, urban dictionary. no references to clever estate planning, or even anything resembling such. i'll just assume it was an allusion to electronic engineering, and leave it at that.
4 this would be tantamount to some cokehead being so high on coke that he bought that controversial new energy drink, cocaine, because he thought it would be a cheaper way to get high. although, i bet joint juice and cocaine are both more expensive than their druggie counterparts, since special-feature drinks tend to be so ridiculously overpriced.

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jimarthur said...

How dare a reader complain. What kind of person pressures another to entertain them? A mealy mouth, daisy chain loving, bemusement causing jerk, I imagine. I also don't know what a daisy chain is, but if its part of an interelated cabal to jerry-rig the tax system, all bets are off.