Monday, October 09, 2006

i'm trying to work on my seminar paper due thursday, trying to read through all these law review articles and treatises and cases, in order to not fail my seminar. (not failing my seminar is highly unlikely right about now, but we'll see.) i'm deathly tired for some unknown reason. i shouldn't be, because i slept seven hours last night and fourteen the night before, and i've been drinking caffeine as fast as i can get my hands on it.

today, i'm really, really regretting my strong stance against taking caffeine pills. i think i was scared away from them the same way almost everyone in my generation was scared away from them: the "i'm so excited...i'm so excited...i'm so...scared..." episode of the Show That Will Not Be Named.1 caffeinated drinks are just not waking me up as quickly as whatever fog is clinging to my brain is putting me to sleep.

anyway, i don't know if the fact that i'm so tired is interfering with the communication between my taste buds and my brain, or if i'm just generally this slow to realise things. i'm drinking a vault zero right now. i've been drinking vault zero for as long as it's been out on the market, pushing a year now. i know it's inferior to its ancestor, surge2, but i've been drinking it, convinced that it's alright.

i had a realisation today--vault zero tastes terrible!!

i've been choking down the rest of my bottle of it, because i spent the money on it and because it contains caffeine that may possibly keep me awake for the rest of the afternoon, through my meeting, and possibly through some more work on that seminar paper that i'm going to fail. but, i have to force myself not to taste it, because i really can't stand the taste of that swill today.


1 bite me very much, screech. thank you for killing my childhood.
2 you know surge! at least, you know it if you lived through the nineties.

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Mad Jurist said...

I preferred Josta...