Tuesday, October 31, 2006

i love1 fundamentalists' responses to halloween.

on the 700 club website, there's a whole page about halloween. it's got links to all sorts of articles about the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevils of halloween, or how to turn it into a tract-distribution day. it even talks about how satan loves when christians stay locked up in homes and churches on halloween, allowing the occult to run wild, and how christians should instead send their kids out to trick-or-treat--and proselytize as they take their candy.2

but, my favourite is this blurb that accompanies the link to an article about a vampire who found christ. the blurb states:

"Prominent in their string of monstrous acts is all consuming hate; hate for anyone or anything that stood for morality; hate for Christians; hate for The 700 Club; hate for Pat Robertson."

congratulations, pat robertson. you get the self-aggrandizement trophy today. good job.

1 and, by love, i of course mean "appreciate the fulfillment that it brings to my sense of train wreck syndrome."
2 a mission that disturbs me even more than the little girl with the jesus ribbon that i saw a couple years ago...more disturbing in that it's not a passive thing like wearing a ribbon, but something active that the child may not actually understand what they're doing.

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