Sunday, October 01, 2006

i don't know what to say about the great american beer festival this year.

new glarus brewery won the mid-size brewery prize. that's just plain awesome...they brew spotted cow, which is the best beer i've ever tasted. (which reminds me, i need to go back up to wisconsin and get some of it. i haven't had it in years, and that makes me sad.)

but, for big breweries...pabst won the blue ribbon. (as they also did in the "american style lager" category.) i thought people got smart enough to stop giving pabst any blue ribbons after 1893, at the world's fair. what is this world coming to? pabst isn't the worst cheap beer there is, but i only drink pabst if i'm broke, or if i'm having such a long night out that i really don't care. it's not award-winning beer. it's...water.

(although, that's really not as scary as the beer that won the "american cream ale or lager" category. who won that one, you may ask? red dog. yep. red dog. not some microbrew that happens to have the same name as the bum-beer staple...but, in fact, the bum beer staple. that's enough to make me want to revoke the great american beer festival's license to drink good beer, like spotted cow and other fine new glarus brewing company products. red dog????? i'm boggled.)

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jimarthur said...

Pabst blue ribbon is a working man's beer. The taste lingers, long after the drinking, in order to get mroning drinkers through the drudgery of their workdays. I think that deserves a blue ribbon. I've often thought they should give aspirin samples away as a promotional gimmick when selling this beer, as it does induce America sized headaches the next day....but, the blue ribbon is still deserved; hell, even great sex can induce headaches 9 months after the fact.