Wednesday, October 11, 2006

happy national coming out day!!! :D

and, on a related yet less happy i the only one who thinks it's completely messed-up that the army JAG is doing their on-campus interviewing at school today, on national coming-out day?1 i doubt it was planned that way, but it's still really unnerving, and quite obnoxious. it's at best a terrible coincidence.

sigh. i wonder what the ameliorative measure is going to be this year. it had better be better than last year, the "being out in the workplace" workshop that disseminated no helpful information and turned out to be an hourlong ad for firm x, whose people did the workshop.2 that was pretty darned tasteless...yes, it's great to know that firm x is a great place for queers to work, but not everyone is going to work there, and not everyone wants a firm job to begin with. hopefully the flak and fallout from last year is enough to get the school to do something better than that this year.

1 yay! happy coming out day! wanna interview for a place where you have to shove yourself back into the closet? closer, closer...there's that slap in the face for you.
2 firm x shall remain nameless here, although if you're at wash u or you've heard me bitch about that last year, i'm sure you know who it is.

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