Friday, October 06, 2006

apparently there are still people who believe in the divine right of kings.

well, i use the term "people" in its loosest possible sense, since i'm talking about katherine harris here. yes, the same katherine harris who was secretary of state in florida during the election debacle. the same one that has somehow served two terms in the house.

now she's running for senate. the republican party didn't even want to run her, but no one would contest her in the primaries. she's currently slinging mud regarding the religious sincerity of her opponent, the incumbent democratic senator bill nelson. she commented:

"God is the one who chooses our rulers."

i thought one of the principles of the american revolution was the patent absurdity of the concept of divine right of kings. i thought this concept had been summarily rejected everywhere, except for the ceremonial anointing of british royalty with the holy oils. apparently not. now, not only does she spout all that evangelical hogwash about this being a christian nation and our need to be governed by christian laws (because apparently, non-christians "don't know better"), but she openly and notoriously buys into the concept of the divine right of kings.

(at least, she buys into it up to the point when she loses an election. if she loses this november, i'm not going to be able to resist writing her or calling her, asking for her opinion on the divine right of kings now that God has just chosen for her not to rule. five will get you ten that she'll go off on some unrelated tangent about the voters' moral depravity.)

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