Wednesday, September 13, 2006

you know you want to explore any dungeon where "a wooden sign warns of ratbag hero" "rich tapestries illustrate beer," and "there is a small shrine to whammies."

and i beat up monsters with "the axe of boobiebar." hehe. boobies.

I died in the Dungeon of Faceless Wonder

I was killed in an insect-bored cave by Foofy Attorney the troll, whilst carrying...

the Wand of Bvokt, the Sword of Rock Music, the Dagger of Bornofstardust, the Axe of Boobiebar, the Crown of Mija72013, the Sword of Panicgirl63, the Sceptre of Jay Rubes, a Figurine of Brokenbubble and 45 gold pieces.

Score: 97

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darn you, foof. you killed me.

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