Sunday, September 17, 2006

you know you love bad jokes. this thing, if you type in your livejournal user name, makes bad jokes based on your interest list. it's absolutely ridiculous...and, of course, some of the results are absolutely awesome. it gave me a ton that are absolutely priceless.

what's faceless_wonder's favourite drink?
jimmy's woodlawn tappuccino. (i think i have a new pet name for beer.)

what's faceless_wonder's favourite game?
settlers of asshatan

what's faceless_wonder's favourite film?
asshats of glory.
butch cassidy and the cheap cheap fun fundance kid.
this is spinal jimmy's woodlawn tap.
the lawshank redemption.
dr. strangelove, or how i learned to stop worrying and love the

where does faceless_wonder go on vacation?
the united asshats of america.
tom greenland.
wash u-zbekistan.
wash u-ganda.

what's faceless_wonder's favourite book?
the great asshatsby.
crime and cheap cheap fun funishment.
flavor of love in the time of cholera.
brave new ghost world.
eternal sunshine of the spotless third eye blind.

what's faceless_wonder's favourite song?
asshat out of hell.
i can't get no asshatisfaction.

what's faceless_wonder's favourite album?
skunky dory.

what does faceless_wonder eat for dinner?
stop smoking crack-eyed peas.

what does faceless_wonder eat for breakfast?
honey nut beerios.
sex. (yep. that's all it says.)

i know. most of these are horrible. but, this is only a small sampling of all the bad jokes it generated based on my interest list...and you all know how easily amused i am, right?

and, i promise. i didn't come up with any of them. the computer did it!

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