Monday, September 18, 2006

the persecuted crack smoker is a helpful presence on the internet. she is always here to help you procrastinate...and this time, she has stupid people for you: really, really stupid people.

introducing the newest trend, fresh from the bay area: ghost riding the whip. apparently, hip hop kids (or, as the case may be, stupid white kids in the suburbs) have decided that it's cool to drive their car, throw it into neutral, get out of the car, dance by the car or on top of the car, and then get back in the car.

i don't know why they think it's so cool, but it's so funny to watch. it's addictive. and, they always play the same darn song while they're doing it--'cause according to some suburban canadian dude with an italian last name, "If you don't play that song you are not a ghost rider."

just to start your addiction, here are a few morons attempting to ghost ride the whip, and failing miserably.

you should also search youtube for ghost riding the bike. yep...dumb kids riding their bike, jumping off, and dancing on the street while their bikes roll away and fal over. it's fantastic. really, you can get people attempting to ghost ride almost anything on youtube...including golf carts and motorcycles...but the dumb kids on the bikes are beautiful.

stupid people. how i love you.

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