Monday, September 25, 2006

none of these things flow from each other, but that's what happens when i've had nothing to say for a couple of days, and have been bouncing here to there.

1. i've made a decision. this summer, chicago it will be. i miss the city so much, and i need to go back. it's home. i'm glad i came out here for law school, but the idea of staying here just doesn't make me as happy as chicago, which makes me positively giddy at the thought of returning.

2. puzzle pirates is one of the silliest games on the internet. i should have been reading tax tonight, but instead i was plundering pirate booty. yay pirate booty.

3. cheaters is on G4. but, it's bizarro-cheaters...instead of an overly sympathetic announcer, they've got some hip hop guy talking about cribs and chicks and stuff. as a longtime cheaters watcher, that's just weird.

4. speaking of bad TV, flavor of love just keeps getting crazier. i'm annoyed that bootz has been kicked off...she's annoying, but she's not as psychotic as new york or, to a lesser extent, krazy. i did realise that there's no one left that i like. i'm now watching it not because i'm rooting for anyone, but purely to laugh at the stupid people.

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