Sunday, September 10, 2006

i'm doing my estate and gift tax reading, and one of the section headings has the c-word.

that's right. consideration.

i knew it was coming. i knew, because in the last note in the previous case, it was starting to talk about an aspect of contract theory, whether a written contract actually reflects the intent of the parties, and what legal forcee it should have as a result.

darn estate and gift tax for being so interdisciplinary. we've already discussed concepts from a ton of classes last, constitutional law, and civil procedure. now contracts? i knew it was coming, with all this talk about instruments of trusts, but that was by far my least favourite class last year! contract law does not amuse me or fascinate me. it just brings back scary old memories of being in class last year, of being made to look like a moron in front of everyone in my section. (except for henningsen. darn it, i nailed henningsen. but, sadly, this class hasn't touched on unconscionableness doctrine, and i doubt it will.)

am i the only one who would like one of those agents in Men In Black to come up, wave that little stick in my face, push the button, and erase all of my memories of contracts class? it's not a question of national security or government cover-ups, sure...but it's a matter of personal sanity. isn't that important enough? ♥

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