Monday, September 04, 2006

ignore my grumbling last post. new york is back on flavor of love...and it's actually going to be highly amusing. what i neglected to realise when i was writing yesterday is that bootz is new york 2. therefore, bootz and new york stand to get into some awesomely hilarious catfights. that should make the show hilarious. i'd still prefer it if hottie came back, because hottie is funner, but i'm alright with new york being back. the drama is going to be absolutely priceless.

on another flav-related topic, i have a bone to pick with flav. is he oblivious, or is he oblivious? it seems as though it was just on last night's show--halfway through the season--that he realised that like dat was a big girl.

WHAT? are you stupid, flav? clearly you are, or clearly you were just ignoring her--but even so, why did you pick her for the show (or, for that matter, why did you pick her AND sumthin this season...and goldie and hottie last season?) if you don't like big girls, that's your prerogative, flav. but, if you don't like big girls--don't pick them for your show. and, if you do like big girls--don't flip out and get all scared when like dat comes in with her "big girl lingerie", as you called it, and start singing a song about how OMG BIG she is, as soon as she leaves the room. i'm sure there were a million girls that tried out for the show--ostensibly you picked twenty girls you were attracted to. it's alright to kick her off if you realise that you don't like her as any more than a friend...but come on. you had plenty of time to evaluate her for her looks before you picked her for the show. like chris said when we were watching it last night..."did you just think that when she took her clothes off and got in bed with you, that she was going to be skinny?"

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