Tuesday, September 19, 2006

*the bad news that still hasn't actually sunk in*

1. no, i'm still not particularly recovered from one event of yesterday, the whole not making trial team thing. i'm trying to figure out what i'll do instead, and i've already emailed the undergrad squad. if the coaches (new ones--not the same one from last year) will have me, i'd love to do that.

2. i need to catch up on my schoolwork, but that's going to happen tomorrow. today, i stayed home and disappeared. the only person i've seen all day is chris, and i spent most of the day in bed. i'm actually emerging from the place tonight, going out to meet a couple friends. that should be nice...i guess i need to get out of here at some point, however nice it is to sit in my little room and pretend nothing else is going on, and nothing else ever will.

*better news that i haven't had it in me to let sink in*

3. yesterday i did get a very shiny job offer. it's from the firm that even before the round of interviews, if i were to stay in st. louis to work, i would want it to be there. that was really, really exciting. i'm going to sit on it for a while and see what happens, since i really haven't decided, for final, between here and chicago. i don't have any offers in chicago yet, but if i get one, i'm in for a really tough decision. (i should be finding out about one job this week, next week at the latest.) thank goodness NALP regulates that these job offers stay open until december 1...although i DO plan to have that decision made very soon, within the next couple weeks. since i'm looking at this as a Real Job After Law School search, it's a huge choice before me.

4. it's not going to be milwaukee. i got a ding letter from the firm i did the callback with two weeks ago. no harm no foul, really...i liked them, but not as much as the one that just gave me an offer.

*in other words, i'm all over the place right now.*

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