Saturday, September 30, 2006

who wants wristbands???

/helpful if you've been bitten by a snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake...
//cue the 1.800.222.1222 song.
how had i not heard about this provision? under current law, attorney's fees can be recovered in successful civil rights violation suits. the house has just passed a bill intended to prevent attorney's fees from being recovered in civil rights cases involving the establishment clause. they call it the "public expression of religion act"...but i tend to agree with the esteemed professor chemerinsky on this one. it is a blatant, deliberate, and bald-faced attempt to discourage people from suing to protect their religious freedom from the government. it's sickening.


in other sick government, how 'bout mark foley? i saw the articles yesterday about the e-mails. the e-mails were a little skeezy, definitely inappropriate for a congressman to send to a 16-year-old, but nothing overtly sexual. the worst point was his reference to another page as being in good shape.

well, the e-mails were (of course) not the worst of it. there were sexually explicit instant messenger chats. it's just nasty...i'm sure sixteen year old boys discuss amongst themselves in the locker room the mechanics of jacking off, but on AIM with a fifty-something-year-old congressman? oh please.

and to top it all off, this guy was the co-chair of the house "missing and exploited children caucus." congratulations, mark foley. in the grand tradition of karaoke al, you get a skeezy sticker.

Friday, September 29, 2006

i found this on best of's a choose-your-own-adventure-style "missed connections" post, and anyone from chicago (especially if you've dealt with that special breed of chicago hipsters...) will be way too amused by it.

I saw you on the/in the/at

a)brown line
c)whole foods at north/sheffield

you were
a)writing in your journal
b)dumping your boyfriend
c)reading bukowski
d)rolling a cigarette

i wanted to talk to you but i was
a) listening to this Redwalls song and couldn't bear to pause it
b) too shy
c) wiping a fingerprint off my cool thrift-store aviator sunglasses
d) violating an Order of Protection as it was, no sense getting arrested

you were wearing
a) i was too distracted by your heavenly fauxhawk to notice minor details like clothing
b) an old Van Halen t-shirt and backpack with "your heart is xtypicalx" written on it in sharpie
c) the western shirt i just sold to the thrift shop last week, it's totally a sign
d) the green high heels and leg-warmers under your corduroy skirt

message me back so we can
a) go to filter and complain how bucktown is getting filled with yuppies
b) maybe get some miller high life and see my roommate's noise band
c) take artsy blurred photographs of each other
d) swap iTunes, bodily fluids


speaking of best of craigslist, i read this one for the first time in months and months. it's still my favourite craigslist posting ever. i tried to read it out loud for my friends, and i broke down laughing so hard that i had to stop reading at least twenty times.

you silly crackheads and your spark plugs. always a good time.
ohs noes! cops eating bananas!

i'd really like to read the original letter that this woman sent to the police department.
*boggles as to who is searching the webbernets for my posts about being handcuffed during scavhunt 2004*

that does amuse me, though...i'm glad there are some people out there who remember some of my crazy scavhunt exploits. that's one thing i miss so much here, scavhunt. although, i don't know if i'll be able to do it again, ever...i missed it last year, and now that i'm two years out of school there are so few people still scavving that i know, that it would just be weird and creepy.

i tried to hold on as long as i could, but i'm afraid that era is over. that makes me sad.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

"bite my shiny metal ass!"

i ♥ bender.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

laura, who i went to high school with, had the most amusing post on her blog today. it was a couple of political ads from maryland, from the senate campaign...and i'm posting the videos here because the original ad is so pandering it's funny, and the reply is just genius.

(for the record, this steele guy is a republican, currently the lieutenant governor of maryland, and according to laura is hiding his republican affiliation as much as he can, in order to try and get black and inner city votes. his democratic opponent, currently a congressman, is white.)

the original ad: "real ideas for change"

the democratic party's reply: issues? steele didn't say anything about "issues"!

i'm amused. i wish we had political ads that funny in missouri.
unintentional hilarity, thy name is english as she is spoke.

basicially, some portuguese guy who didn't know a whole lot of french, and didn't know a whole lot of english, got a bright idea in 1855. he noticed that there wasn't a portuguese to english phrase book. so, he took a portuguese to french phrase book and translated it to english, with the help of a french-english dictionary.

the entire thing is hilarious. some of the highlights include:
  • under food items: "some wigs."
  • under familiar phrases:
    • "this girl have a beauty edge."
    • "i dead myself in envy to see her."
    • "dress my horse."
and then, there are familiar dialogues. they're long...and completely rife with muddled phrases. most of them are too long to post here (you're going to have to click the link and read the book, i won't spoil it...especially the fishing dialogue!), but here's a teaser:
  • We have sung, danced, laugh and played.
  • What game?
  • To the picket.
  • Whom I am sorry do not have know it!
  • Who have prevailed upon?
  • I had gained ten lewis.
gained ten lewis? what? i can't fathom how they got that out of any sort of french-english dictionary, but okay...all i know is that i think i want to stay away from any game where i can score a lewis, much less ten lewis.

to top it all off, there's a section of the book called idiotisms and proverbs. (their original section title, not mine. i promise.) and, true to its promise, most of them are extremely idiotic:
  • "its are some blu stories."
  • "nothing some money, nothing of swiss."
  • "a horse baared don't look him the tooth."
this is only a small fraction of the ridiculousness of english as she is spoke. i can't believe i hadn't found this gem of a book any sooner.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

this is the worst thing ever. i'm too tired to work, and too wired to sleep. i'm in the undergrad library, in the b-level, and i've pulled two chairs together. (which, i must say, aren't half as comfortable a place to stretch out as two chairs from the window area of the reg. chicago 1, wash u 0.) i stretched out, shut my eyes...nothing. i picked up some stuff i printed off of westlaw and need to read for my seminar such luck. my eyes shut, my brain wanders, i try to concentrate, and it's to no avail.

i seem to get that feeling whenever i try to do work this semester. something's got to give, especially since i have no excuse anymore.

Monday, September 25, 2006

dirt cheap chicken?
process server?

i can't wait to see the plans...and i can't wait to ride the new line. :D
none of these things flow from each other, but that's what happens when i've had nothing to say for a couple of days, and have been bouncing here to there.

1. i've made a decision. this summer, chicago it will be. i miss the city so much, and i need to go back. it's home. i'm glad i came out here for law school, but the idea of staying here just doesn't make me as happy as chicago, which makes me positively giddy at the thought of returning.

2. puzzle pirates is one of the silliest games on the internet. i should have been reading tax tonight, but instead i was plundering pirate booty. yay pirate booty.

3. cheaters is on G4. but, it's bizarro-cheaters...instead of an overly sympathetic announcer, they've got some hip hop guy talking about cribs and chicks and stuff. as a longtime cheaters watcher, that's just weird.

4. speaking of bad TV, flavor of love just keeps getting crazier. i'm annoyed that bootz has been kicked off...she's annoying, but she's not as psychotic as new york or, to a lesser extent, krazy. i did realise that there's no one left that i like. i'm now watching it not because i'm rooting for anyone, but purely to laugh at the stupid people.

Friday, September 22, 2006

someone posted this on the uchicago livejournal community. NSIT (the tech people, for all you non-u-of-c people) found the greatest way ever to encourage people to get their security patches downloaded and installed.

pirates. paul sally. yep, this one has it all.

(for you non-maroons, that guy is paul sally...a math prof who actually does wear an eye patch. yarrrrrr!)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

*bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce*

now i have a real dilemma, but it's the best dilemma ever to have.
did i ever mention that i heart bar manuals? that's really the best thing i learned about in legal research last year. bar manuals are fantastic...for any given state, it tells you the basic elements of any given claim or form of pleading, what the relevant statutes are, a few key cases...and you can research from the statute and those cases to find other cases that are on point.

if there are any 1Ls that are reading this...don't be fooled. your research professors will talk about other places to start your research. they're not as fantastic as bar manuals. you will learn about these, if i remember correctly, the last week of legal research class fall semester (although it may be as late as the beginning of sprong semester.) but, put them in your arsenal now. researching state law in a practical context has never been so accessible.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

*the bad news that still hasn't actually sunk in*

1. no, i'm still not particularly recovered from one event of yesterday, the whole not making trial team thing. i'm trying to figure out what i'll do instead, and i've already emailed the undergrad squad. if the coaches (new ones--not the same one from last year) will have me, i'd love to do that.

2. i need to catch up on my schoolwork, but that's going to happen tomorrow. today, i stayed home and disappeared. the only person i've seen all day is chris, and i spent most of the day in bed. i'm actually emerging from the place tonight, going out to meet a couple friends. that should be nice...i guess i need to get out of here at some point, however nice it is to sit in my little room and pretend nothing else is going on, and nothing else ever will.

*better news that i haven't had it in me to let sink in*

3. yesterday i did get a very shiny job offer. it's from the firm that even before the round of interviews, if i were to stay in st. louis to work, i would want it to be there. that was really, really exciting. i'm going to sit on it for a while and see what happens, since i really haven't decided, for final, between here and chicago. i don't have any offers in chicago yet, but if i get one, i'm in for a really tough decision. (i should be finding out about one job this week, next week at the latest.) thank goodness NALP regulates that these job offers stay open until december 1...although i DO plan to have that decision made very soon, within the next couple weeks. since i'm looking at this as a Real Job After Law School search, it's a huge choice before me.

4. it's not going to be milwaukee. i got a ding letter from the firm i did the callback with two weeks ago. no harm no foul, really...i liked them, but not as much as the one that just gave me an offer.

*in other words, i'm all over the place right now.*
dude. tickle me elmo (or, TMX as they're now calling it...) is SO not extreme.

Monday, September 18, 2006

have you ever built your life around something, only to find out that you completely suck at it and have no future in it?
the persecuted crack smoker is a helpful presence on the internet. she is always here to help you procrastinate...and this time, she has stupid people for you: really, really stupid people.

introducing the newest trend, fresh from the bay area: ghost riding the whip. apparently, hip hop kids (or, as the case may be, stupid white kids in the suburbs) have decided that it's cool to drive their car, throw it into neutral, get out of the car, dance by the car or on top of the car, and then get back in the car.

i don't know why they think it's so cool, but it's so funny to watch. it's addictive. and, they always play the same darn song while they're doing it--'cause according to some suburban canadian dude with an italian last name, "If you don't play that song you are not a ghost rider."

just to start your addiction, here are a few morons attempting to ghost ride the whip, and failing miserably.

you should also search youtube for ghost riding the bike. yep...dumb kids riding their bike, jumping off, and dancing on the street while their bikes roll away and fal over. it's fantastic. really, you can get people attempting to ghost ride almost anything on youtube...including golf carts and motorcycles...but the dumb kids on the bikes are beautiful.

stupid people. how i love you.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

you know you love bad jokes. this thing, if you type in your livejournal user name, makes bad jokes based on your interest list. it's absolutely ridiculous...and, of course, some of the results are absolutely awesome. it gave me a ton that are absolutely priceless.

what's faceless_wonder's favourite drink?
jimmy's woodlawn tappuccino. (i think i have a new pet name for beer.)

what's faceless_wonder's favourite game?
settlers of asshatan

what's faceless_wonder's favourite film?
asshats of glory.
butch cassidy and the cheap cheap fun fundance kid.
this is spinal jimmy's woodlawn tap.
the lawshank redemption.
dr. strangelove, or how i learned to stop worrying and love the

where does faceless_wonder go on vacation?
the united asshats of america.
tom greenland.
wash u-zbekistan.
wash u-ganda.

what's faceless_wonder's favourite book?
the great asshatsby.
crime and cheap cheap fun funishment.
flavor of love in the time of cholera.
brave new ghost world.
eternal sunshine of the spotless third eye blind.

what's faceless_wonder's favourite song?
asshat out of hell.
i can't get no asshatisfaction.

what's faceless_wonder's favourite album?
skunky dory.

what does faceless_wonder eat for dinner?
stop smoking crack-eyed peas.

what does faceless_wonder eat for breakfast?
honey nut beerios.
sex. (yep. that's all it says.)

i know. most of these are horrible. but, this is only a small sampling of all the bad jokes it generated based on my interest list...and you all know how easily amused i am, right?

and, i promise. i didn't come up with any of them. the computer did it!
second round trial team tryout was yesterday. i don't think i actually wrote in here about how my first round went last week...ten people made the team outright. i was not one of them. originally there were six people called back to try out for the last two spots on the team...i was one of those six. that was altered on wednesday to make it eight people trying out for the two spots.

it was the same case as before, but i had to do an opening, a direct, and a cross. i got switched up--i closed for defense in my first round tryout, but my second round tryout i was assigned prosecution. that was a little interesting, because this problem is extremely bad--and the prosecution doesn't so much have "a case." if it were civil liability, the victim's family would have a prayer, since they may meet a preponderance burden...but, given the information, there is just no way to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. it was also crazy doing prosecution just because it was a criminal case...the sun rises in the east, it sets in the west, and i think like a defense lawyer.

as for my actual tryout, i think it went as well as it could have. (then again, i thought my first round went as well as it could have, and clearly it was a personal disappointment.) i didn't blank out in the middle of my opening, and i tried to only make real hand gestures, as opposed to half-gesture half-spasm things that i got in the habit of doing when i practiced. a piece of evidence that i really, really wanted to get in was kept out, so hopefully they saw how well i adapted to it--since i knew there was a good shot of that.

crazily enough, the one thing that i wanted in but thought was even more blatantly inadmissible wasn't even objected to. that made me really, really sad...because i was bracing for a hearsay objection on a police photo lineup identification, and i had this fantabulous argument ready to go: on 807 grounds. i'd never seen the residual exception argued, since we didn't have it in college mock and there wasn't anything that crazy in the law school case last year, but there was absolutely no exception that encompassed the lineup other than the residual. but...i asked about the lineup, my witness talked about it, and opposing counsel did not object. it was great for my case that it got would have been fantastic if i had to do a closing. but, i didn't.

speaking of objections, objections are really, really fun. there was one point in my tryout yesterday that was especially fun. i directed the police officer who investigated the case...the case is a kidnapping and murder case, where a neighbour is accused of kidnapping and killing a teenage girl on his street. the cop has some stuff in her deposition about the child's mother being shot to death three weeks after the girl died, and that she suspects the father did it. that is completely irrelevant to a case involving the neighbour and the girl, especially since there was no evidence that this neighbour had any connection to the parents. but, the defense attorney kept trying to get in stuff about the mother's suspicious death. he alluded to it in a question once about midway through the cross...i objected to it, argued, and kept it out. then, as he was wrapping up, his last point was something about the wife's death. he asked a question about it...i objected to relevance and it got sustained. he asked the same question, worded the same way...i objected to relevance and it got sustained. finally, he altered the wording, but it was still the same question on the same point...i objected to relevance. the judge looked at him and went "sustained. this means you need to ask about something else, because that's not going to get in."

it took all i had at that point to avoid grinning in the biggest, cheesiest manner possible. that was a thrill.

getting ready for this tryout, i did learn one thing that i didn't expect. when i was was easy enough to work on my opening and my cross exam whenever i wanted. i could say my opening when i was alone, or run through it under my breath when i was riding the bus or the airplane. the same with my cross...since i knew everything the witness was going to say. but, beyond knowing the general sequence of direct exam points, there was no way i could practice my direct without the witness there. as a witness, i could mentally practice my direct whenever i wanted. i knew the order of points, and i could frame in my head what i wanted to say. but, as the lawyer on direct, what i ask is intimately dependent on what the witness says in each of her answers. that's something i didn't fully appreciate until now, the first time i've ever done a direct examination as an attorney.

how did it actually go, according to the judges? did i make the team? stay tuned...because i sure don't know yet. i haven't gotten a call or an email either way, and don't know anyone who has.
this is freaking amazing. i am so tempted...but should i use the swag for my own dastardly purposes, or should my dastardly purpose be to send all the scary swag to someone else?

i've been using focus on the family to satisfy my train wreck syndrome needs for years now, but this is a whole new level of hysterical.

advice welcome.

*update. crikey. can't do this anymore, as of about a week ago...darn. well, it was a fantastic idea.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

i have a new hero, and his name is keith haring.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

i think my favourite thing about my "how they got here" blog toy is looking at the google searches people use to find my blog.

today, i saw that someone found my blog by searching for "irving brilliant" harvard.

anyone who has taken civil procedure, and read surowitz v. hilton hotels, will get what i mean.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

you know you want to explore any dungeon where "a wooden sign warns of ratbag hero" "rich tapestries illustrate beer," and "there is a small shrine to whammies."

and i beat up monsters with "the axe of boobiebar." hehe. boobies.

I died in the Dungeon of Faceless Wonder

I was killed in an insect-bored cave by Foofy Attorney the troll, whilst carrying...

the Wand of Bvokt, the Sword of Rock Music, the Dagger of Bornofstardust, the Axe of Boobiebar, the Crown of Mija72013, the Sword of Panicgirl63, the Sceptre of Jay Rubes, a Figurine of Brokenbubble and 45 gold pieces.

Score: 97

Explore the Dungeon of Faceless Wonder and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

darn you, foof. you killed me.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

to see gentoo penguins waddling, swimming, and generally acting silly, click here. :)

or click here...

because laughing at penguins is better than doing work...and there are no funnier penguins than gentoos. ♥

Monday, September 11, 2006

hate me today
hate me tomorrow
hate me so you can finally see what's good for you
WHOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! i got my first ever greenlight on fark today!!! i posted an article about a judge ruling those Q-Ray bracelets they sell on tv being frauds...and it got greenlighted for the main site!!

yes, i know. i'm such a freaking dork for being so excited about a fark greenlight. but, i've been reading fark for over two years now, and to finally have an article picked for the main site is just plain shiny.
i'm reading for antitrust right now. i'm reading part of the microsoft antitrust case, and the more i read, the more sense it makes why the laptop i owned in college decided to work so poorly, and eventually die on me.

it all started with one bright idea. i never used internet explorer, never ever. i was a netscape girlie. (yep, this was before the days of mozilla.) i decided that it was taking up valuable space on my computer, and i was going to take it off.

i looked in add/remove programs. it wasn't there. (i realise now, when reading this microsoft case, that internet explorer was in add/remove programs in windows 95, but they had taken it out as an option in windows 98--what this laptop was running.) so, i started rifling through all my folders full of program files. i found the folder with all the internet explorer files, and plumb deleted them all. i didn't want that piece of software on my computer, and my hard drive was so small that any free byte, i wanted for my files and not that program.

i didn't have the fastest computer ever in college, but then it just became ridiculous. it ran slower after i deleted internet explorer. it crashed several times a day, at least. my computer became the bane of my existence. i always had a funny feeling that deleting internet explorer was part of why my computer started running so badly then, but now i know for sure it's true.

i'm reading this case, and it's talking about how, in windows 98, they built internet explorer in so closely with the operating system. not only could you not delete the program from the add/remove programs screen, but the web browsing code was in the same files as other code that provided operating system functions. in the words of the court, microsoft did its best to "ensure that the deletion of any file containing browsing-specific routines would also delete vital operating system routines and thus cripple windows."

on one hand, i'm glad i wasn't inventing a connection between deleting internet explorer and the fact that my computer kept crashing so much afterwards. on the other hand...that's just an evil thing for them to have done, and i'm so glad they got sued for it.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

::insert jeopardy song here::
i'm doing my estate and gift tax reading, and one of the section headings has the c-word.

that's right. consideration.

i knew it was coming. i knew, because in the last note in the previous case, it was starting to talk about an aspect of contract theory, whether a written contract actually reflects the intent of the parties, and what legal forcee it should have as a result.

darn estate and gift tax for being so interdisciplinary. we've already discussed concepts from a ton of classes last, constitutional law, and civil procedure. now contracts? i knew it was coming, with all this talk about instruments of trusts, but that was by far my least favourite class last year! contract law does not amuse me or fascinate me. it just brings back scary old memories of being in class last year, of being made to look like a moron in front of everyone in my section. (except for henningsen. darn it, i nailed henningsen. but, sadly, this class hasn't touched on unconscionableness doctrine, and i doubt it will.)

am i the only one who would like one of those agents in Men In Black to come up, wave that little stick in my face, push the button, and erase all of my memories of contracts class? it's not a question of national security or government cover-ups, sure...but it's a matter of personal sanity. isn't that important enough? ♥
i am trying to get my reading done, but i just want to KNOW. it set in about seven last night, it was a palpable layer of nervous anticipation that descended upon me from above. i felt it.

my entire law school career rests on about thirteen minutes early yesterday afternoon. it's all done, and it's out of my hands. it's up to the judge, it's up to the coaches. i won't know until tomorrow if i make trial team, and it means everything to me.

i'm trying to distract myself with the two foot high stack of law books that i need to be reading, but that's proving to be a rather inefficient distraction.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

reason #576 not to hassel the hoff:

this is so cheesy that i was disappointed that i couldn't pull a hunk of cheddar out of my computer screen.
ganked from here, via wtf_inc:

Whoa! Where are my nuts?
Here one minute, gone the next.
You dog ball snatcher!!!

all i can think of is the Best Onion Picture Ever:

hehe. dog balls. say it aloud a few times...if you have a fiber of twelve-year-old-boy humour in you, you know it's hilarious.

dog balls.
i am intrigued by your goat-free roads. tell me more.
wish me luck. my entire law school career hangs on about thirteen minutes this afternoon.

yep. trial team tryout is today.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

my evidence professor just said, in relation to a problem: "he doesn't have to prove it was budweiser...he only has to prove it was beer."

i really, really hope i was not the only one in the class that started having that "this is budweiser. this is beer." jingle ringing in my head. it's ringing in my head now, and making me laugh whenever he talks about budweiser and beer.

sheesh, i'm silly.
hehe. professor ellis is wearing a bow tie. that is just plain awesome.

Monday, September 04, 2006

ignore my grumbling last post. new york is back on flavor of love...and it's actually going to be highly amusing. what i neglected to realise when i was writing yesterday is that bootz is new york 2. therefore, bootz and new york stand to get into some awesomely hilarious catfights. that should make the show hilarious. i'd still prefer it if hottie came back, because hottie is funner, but i'm alright with new york being back. the drama is going to be absolutely priceless.

on another flav-related topic, i have a bone to pick with flav. is he oblivious, or is he oblivious? it seems as though it was just on last night's show--halfway through the season--that he realised that like dat was a big girl.

WHAT? are you stupid, flav? clearly you are, or clearly you were just ignoring her--but even so, why did you pick her for the show (or, for that matter, why did you pick her AND sumthin this season...and goldie and hottie last season?) if you don't like big girls, that's your prerogative, flav. but, if you don't like big girls--don't pick them for your show. and, if you do like big girls--don't flip out and get all scared when like dat comes in with her "big girl lingerie", as you called it, and start singing a song about how OMG BIG she is, as soon as she leaves the room. i'm sure there were a million girls that tried out for the show--ostensibly you picked twenty girls you were attracted to. it's alright to kick her off if you realise that you don't like her as any more than a friend...but come on. you had plenty of time to evaluate her for her looks before you picked her for the show. like chris said when we were watching it last night..."did you just think that when she took her clothes off and got in bed with you, that she was going to be skinny?"

Sunday, September 03, 2006

say it ain't so!

looks like the bitch is back. that's york. i don't know beans about that flavorette thing in the works, but new york is back...on flavor of love 2. that makes me sad...she annoyed the heck out of me on the first season. sure, her jealousy and possessiveness resulted in a few amusing skirmishes...but i don't watch flavor of love for the possessive psychos. i watch it for the stupid people.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

fun with Google AdSense:

i googled "natty up" out of sheer boredom. just about all of the web hits were links to beer sites and bloggers talking about natty up (previously discussed here. ) but, one of the adsense hits gave me a link to, they have a blurb about a natural male enhancement product called "natural up."

i'm thinking they should start putting some natural up in natty up. hilarity would ensue...and oh, so many frat boys who would drink it and brag that their penises were getting bigger the more beer they drank. the concept amuses me endlessly.

Friday, September 01, 2006

by fuel

i wanted to feel something
to be something
to see something

i wanted to find
one thing that was mine
i'd leave this behind
but i can't find my way
to get far away
and bury these days

once reality
becomes such a parody

if i could find
one thing that was mine
i'd leave this behind
but i can't find my way
to get far away
and bury these days

if shining
or if shaking
it's reality speaking

if i could find
one thing that was mine
i'd leave this behind
but i can't find my way
to get far away
and bury these days