Friday, August 25, 2006

today is an amazing day. two of my core geekeries were handed a large bag of shiny, and it makes life great.

mock trial geekery: the tryout case came out today! i spent the afternoon reading it and doing some preliminary hashing out on it with a few people, and tomorrow we're meeting to do some more structured thinking and planning on it. i'm doing the defense...which is going to be interesting, given that the defendant is not the king of jury sympathy--he's charged with kidnapping (or, as the case says, "kidnaping"...haha...) and felony-murder in the death of a fourteen-year-old girl. furthermore, he's a registered sex offender who's been convicted in the past of...what else...molesting teenage girls. he's referred to in the case as "Grouper the Groper." this will be a fun little puzzle...find a defense that a jury will buy.

as a footnote to that...everything in that case is named after fish. i'm going to have a very hard time keeping a straight face while i talk about richard grouper and sarah salmon and david mackerel for fifteen minutes. furthermore, i'm going to keep wanting to call them "flounders", since a witness i played for trial team last year was named leigh flounders. we'll see if i can keep myself together, and not giggle about the fish or calling people by the wrong one.

transit geekery: the wash u shuttle system is, as of this weekend, being enfolded into the metrobus system. today, when i got to school on the shuttle, there was a METROBUS parked outside mallinckrodt center (the student union)!!! the people outside the metrobus were handing out all sorts of goodies! they included:

  • maps of the two wash u tailored bus routes starting up this weekend
  • a map of the metrolink system
  • a brochure about all the changes happening to metro this weekend
  • a magnet with the website for metro's Trip Finder feature
  • a metro system map
  • and, the real coup de grace, the shiniest thing i've ever received from public transit anywhere: a bound book with every single metrobus on the missouri side, complete with route diagrams and timetables!
i felt like a kid in a candy store when i got that stuff...i had a big dumb grin on my face that i couldn't wipe off if i tried. hooray for now having every bit of metro info i need at my fingertips, even if i can't get on the computer!!

in other words, i'm having a fantastic day.

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