Friday, August 18, 2006

they apparently messed up the CTA maps on the trains. how in the world did no one catch that? BEMONT???? the wrong number for transit information???? crikey, metrolink wouldn't even do that!!

for the record, there's a spot-the-errors game in that article. it shows a segment of this messed up CTA map, and tells you to spot the errors. yes, i did spot all the errors. it wasn't hard, duh. but, if i didn't spot all of them, or if i saw something that i thought was error and later realised was not error, i'd feel remiss in my chicago transit authority geekery, or my general public transit geekery.

speaking of transit geekery, i really need to get back to chicago and ride the pink line. i've ridden along those stops back when it was called the cermak branch of the blue line...but not under the "pink line" moniker. i still feel really weird, there being a pink line, but i've got to take it for a spin.

although, there is no way the pink line will ever be as cool as the skokie swift. i ♥ the skokie swift, and i ♥ freaking people out by being giggly, enthusiastic, and transit-geeky on the skokie swift.

on a completely non-transit related note...look! pearls before swine has penguins today! yay!

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