Thursday, August 31, 2006

sigh. according to this flavor of love blog that i read, VH1 is doing a female spinoff called "the flavorette." i can't see how it could be at all as amusing as flavor of love...flavor flav giving out his clocks will never get old, but i can't see how the concept could be at all the same if it were a girl.

although, the blog speculates that the flavorette will be either hottie or new york from last season. if it's new york, it'll be a train wreck...she's psychotic, and i can't see her carrying a show at all...much less there being twenty men that would want to pursue her, given how possessive she was of flav on the show. i can't see that show being amusing at all.

whereas, if it's hottie, i'll definitely give it a shot. i don't know what kind of men would pursue her, but she is definitely stupid, in that amusing way--amusing-stupid enough to possibly, just possibly, carry her own show. granted, it would be less about the men and more about trying to see what sort of moronic capers hottie would get herself into next. but, it could possibly be the funniest thing on television...because if she'd dumb enough to think that she can cook a raw chicken in the microwave by pushing the chicken button, any show she starred in would be the epitome of trash tv.

[well, second to the epitome. that award still goes to Eye For An Eye.]

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