Saturday, August 12, 2006

my law school loans are officially in; now all i have to do is sit and wait for my refund check to come in (this week--hooray!!). financial aid in law school goes so much smoothly than it ever did in college...i'm independent, so the only person i have to deal with when filling out those forms is me. it's not the argument-laden song and dance i had to do as an undergrad; it's just a bunch of papers that i have to fill out by this date or the other. this is the second year of law school, and still it's amazing. after my college days of PROFILE forms and noncustodial parent sheets and the like coming in months late, the days of me having to pink slip into classes when they're half over, or even all the way over, the idea of my forms coming in on time, and my money coming in before school starts, is just fantastic.

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