Monday, August 28, 2006

metalocalypse is the shiniest thing that Adult Swim has brought since harvey birdman. it's a spoof on heavy metal bands...basically the premise of the show is that dethklok, this cartoonishly over-the-top heavy metal band, is the biggest band in the world. they get into capers...metal capers.

the first episode had people wondering if they had sold out, because they were doing a coffee jingle. the coffee jingle is FANTASTIC.

the lyrics to the coffee jingle are just hilarious:

Do You Folks Like Coffee
Real Coffee
From the Hills Of Colombia

Then Duncan Hills Will Wake You
From A Thousand Deaths
A Cup Of Life Blood
(Dying Dying)
You're Dying For A Cup

Guatemala Blend
French Vanilla Roast
(Dying Dying)
You're Dying For A Cup

Prepare For Ultimate Flavor
You're Gonna Get Some Milk
And Scream For Your Cream

Duncan Hills
Duncan Hills
Duncan Hills


it comes on the cartoon network at 10:45 central time on sunday nights...or whenever you want, on adult swim fix (on the adult swim website--you can watch shows for free on your computer!)

yeah, i know. i'm plugging a tv show. but, it's just TOO GOOD not to plug--i look forward to it every sunday night.

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