Thursday, August 10, 2006

i've said so little here over the last week, and yet i have almost nothing interesting to say.

this week is my Week Off, my Summer Vacation. (of sorts...i've still had quite a bit to do for orientation, but that was front-loaded on monday and tuesday, so now i've been sleeping in, playing civ 3 and internet poker, and not doing much else.) it's nice to have a few days where i don't have to be anywhere or do anything unless i want to. it's a great feeling.

i've got a few more days before orientation starts, but nothing too crazy i've planned. tonight i have a doubleheader for softball (maybe we'll win a game? finally? please?), and then thursday night karaoke. it's going to be so nice, the guy at blue hill not looking at me like i'm trying to sneak in with a fake ID. i had been using my ID from north carolina...i got it when i was eighteen, and it was valid until the age of twenty-five. but, the hologram had worn off, and some of the ink was wearing off, so people thought it was fake--even though it was real. finally, tuesday, i dragged myself to the friendly neighbourhood DMV and got a missouri ID card.'s shiny, it's new, it's in-state, and no one is going to doubt that i am in fact twenty-three.

the trip to the DMV, however, was almost a disaster. i go there, take my little number, and wait in the uncomfortable plastic chair. i had to wait through about fifteen numbers before me, but it wasn't so bad...maybe half an hour, forty minutes at the most. an agent calls me up, takes my information. she prints out my first license sheet--which misspelled my name. she fixes my name, prints out the new one. just as i was signing it, since everything was finally right, the other agent makes an announcement: "anyone who's here to get a driver's license or nondriver's identification--the computer system is down again. you have to come back tomorrow."

most of the people in line leave. i, however, had been called up and typed into the system just in time--all they had to do was take my picture and print out my card, which they could apparently do without being online. that made me so happy--i dodged a bullet. a forty minute wait at the DMV isn't horrible, especially if you have a good book to read, but it would be awful if it had been for naught, if i had to drag myself back up there again, wait again, and pray the computer didn't crash again. as it stands...i slipped in just in time, and i have a shiny missouri id card.

although, the picture on it is heinous. that makes me sad. usually, i have half-decent luck getting photographs for my identification cards. nope...not this time. my face is so unnaturally red...i don't even look sunburned, i look like someone's trying to choke me or something. it's horrific. it's the first license or id card picture i've looked at with horror, wondering if it's what i actually look like. i've been looking in the mirror, in the windows, in any slightly reflective surface a lot more as of late, to try and assure myself that i don't look as completely repulsive as i do in my id photo. the good news is, the vast majority of times that i look in the mirror, i still look like me, and i'm not heinous.

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