Thursday, August 17, 2006

i read several overheard-type blogs. most of the stuff isn't all that funny, but occasionally, there's a gem. today, on overheard in chicago, there was a great line from some dude who completely misses the point:

Suit: "If you could start any business, what would you do?"
Dude: "I totally wish I could start Walgreens. They're loaded."

if this was a job interview, he probably didn't get that job. well done, man.

i've been so busy this week. orientation has transitioned from mostly practical to mostly social, so that's putting a little less demand on my time as it was earlier this week. the big event i had to run was the student activity fair, which was on tuesday night. it's over, it went as well as it could have...the only real hitch was the long food line, but with so many people, that was inevitable.

now, we've got a few more events left for orientation...but what's taking a lot of time and energy is OCI (on campus interviewing, for you non-law types out there). it's going well so far; i am a better interviewer than i am a year ago, and i'm feeling a lot more comfortable in the environment after each interview that i do. it runs through saturday, and i'm halfway done. wish me luck...hopefully the process will keep going smoothly, and i'll meet more attorneys that i like.

tonight's thursday. if i get through the rest of the afternoon and evening, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. that light is karaoke. i still don't know what i'm going to sing, but i'll figure out something. i look forward to trivia night and karaoke night every week...and trivia didn't so much happen this week. i showed up with chris and chris, but the bar was dead--there weren't enough people to have a round! that made me sad. at least that will never happen at blue hill for karaoke...i'm sure it's going to be slammed this week, now that school is about to start.

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