Sunday, July 30, 2006

*world series of poker update, including day 1a and as far of day 1b as has occurred*

the good news: phil hellmuth busted out today--my only complaint is that the monkey didn't bust him out. tiffany williamson also busted out today--i'm all for women in poker, but she's a donkey who makes women in poker look really, really bad. and michael mizrachi busted out yesterday. phil ivey, however, has a lot of chips as of a few minutes ago, as does chris ferguson. mike caro is doing pretty well, too...i heart the mad genius, he's so funny to watch. humberto brenes is also still alive; he's also hysterical. and, david sklansky survived day 1a...that's awesome--do you see why?

the bad news: dan harrington busted out yesterday. howard lederer busted out today. ron jeremy (yes, THAT ron jeremy) also busted out...that would have been so funny to see him at the final table. doyle and todd brunson both busted out today. also, i don't think they're letting mikey the chimp play in the main event...that's sad, i was looking so forward to the monkey.

anyway...two more Day Ones to go. can we say "poker marathon"? i only wish it were on TV, live. i wouldn't leave the living room.

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