Tuesday, July 11, 2006

today's a good day. not only are my classes all set, but i have an appointment tomorrow morning to look at an apartment...one that i wouldn't have to share with anyone else, a little studio that's walking distance from school, and walking distance from the loop. i really hope i like it, because even though i'm still open to sharing housing, having my own place would be optimal. i could have people over whenever i wanted to, i could put whatever i wanted in it...i don't really need that much space, but i love the idea of a place that i can just call mine.

i also like the walking distance thing a lot. i can walk to school, i can walk to the delmar loop (which would me no more expensive cab rides, long walks, or bumming rides when i'm drinking at the delmar lounge until 3am, as i inevitably end up doing!), i can walk to the metrolink, i can walk to the little public library...

wish me luck.

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