Friday, July 21, 2006

so it's been a crazy couple of days since i last posted.

wednesday afternoon, i finally moved into my new apartment--finally! i picked up the keys that morning, and then chris and i got a u-haul to lug all of my stuff over to my new place. i'm so excited about it--it's my own, and i don't plan on moving out until i'm done with law school. it will be the first place i'll keep for more than a year since i lived in raleigh. i also got to keep my bed that i bought when i started law school--again, it's the first bed i've gotten to sleep in for more than a year since i started college. moving into my place was so much easier than moving out of my old place, steps to carry stuff out of! as opposed to having to carry everything down the stairs, and down the street, and up the stairs, and into chris' spare room...we carried the stuff down to the u-haul, drove it to my place, parked right outside the door, and brought it in. there are no steps at my building--genius!

i had a couple of worries when i moved in. first, the key that the landlord gave me did not work. we could move the stuff in, since they had left the door to my unit unlocked, but i needed a key so i could lock the place when i left. luckily, they sent a maintenance man right over, and he had a key that worked. between when i called the maintenance man and when he got there, i also realised that my stove did not work. oops. that got fixed too...they had apparently unhooked the gas from the stove when no one was living in the unit, and as soon as he hooked up the gas, it worked.

once that was all set, i was lazy the rest of the afternoon. i watched some tv, took a nap, and got ready for trivia night. but, while i was napping, a storm blew through st. louis. it was a freak storm--instead of coming in from the west as most storms do, it blew down from the north. (never seen that before!) usually, dark red is the colour on a news radar denoting the worst storms--not this time. they had to bust out two different shades of purple to denote storms that were worse than the dark red cells. we didn't get a lot of rain or lightning from it--but we got wind. we got lots of wind. tree branches were down all over...near chris' place it was mostly little ones, and he didn't lose power. (little did i know, until yesterday afternoon when i returned, that lots of large branches were down near my new place, and even whole trees.)

trivia was a washout wednesday night. we drove to jackson's, but found out that it was closed--for lack of power. basically all of dogtown was knocked out. we drove to u-city, thinking the loop would still have power--part of it did. we wanted to grab dinner at blue hill, but even though the bar was open and the lights were on, they had closed their kitchen and shut off the air conditioning. (no thanks.) driving was treacherous--many traffic lights were out, parts of the roads were blocked by branches and was anarchy.

it's friday morning, and power's still not back in a lot of places. i don't know if my power's back on or not. i know it was out yesterday...i went back to my place yesterday afternoon after picking up some little apartment essentials...pots, pans, a hamper, stuff like that. i was looking forward to my air conditioning, only to find that my power was out, and there was no AC to be had. it was still out as of about nine thirty last night. (that was frustrating, as everywhere else near me had power...just my little block was out. there were places i could see from out my back window that had power! just not my block.) i stayed at chris' place last night...but i can't do that this weekend, since he's out of town. i really hope i get my power back...some lights and some air conditioning would be really, really nice. otherwise, my grand plans of setting up my new apartment this weekend probably won't work out so grandly.

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