Thursday, July 27, 2006

last night was fantastic.

chris, chris and i went to pub trivia out at jackson's. there weren't a lot of people there, so they only did two rounds instead of three. the way it works is that the winner of each round gets a bar tab, and second and third place get a scratch-off lottery ticket. the bar tabs this week were $10...usually it's $15, but again, not very many people there so they lowered it.

first round was awesome. we won the bar tab that round. there was one question that absolutely stumped us--apparently there were NINE previous capitals of the united states. we got...four of them. i hadn't known there were that many...but, apparently, the following cities have all been capitals of the united states:

* philadelphia, pennsylvania (1774, 1777, 1778–1781, 1781–1783, 1790–1800)
* baltimore, maryland (1776–1777)
* lancaster, pennsylvania (1777)
* york, pennsylvania, (1777–1778)
* princeton, new jersey (1783)
* annapolis, maryland (1783–1784)
* trenton, new jersey, (1784)
* new york city (1785–1788, 1789–1790)
* washington, d.c. (1800-now)

we got the three no-duh ones amd baltimore. anyway...despite bombing that question, we still won the round, and got ten bucks off our beer. that was pretty sweet.

second round was the really amusing one. we didn't do as well on that round as in the first one...but then again, it appeared that no one did. one of the questions was who bought out sears last year. i was racking my brain--i should have known who it was, but i couldn't think of it. chris suggested kmart. i said it couldn't be that--of course, it was. sigh.

that question was the difference between second and first--we lost the round by fifty points, and that was a hundred point question. so, instead of a ten dollar bar tab, we got a scratch-off lottery ticket.

that lottery ticket was a $17 winner.

go us.

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