Monday, July 03, 2006

i'm by no means a fashionista. but, i do have something in common with everyone else with an interest in not getting hauled off for indecent exposure every day: i wear clothes.

specifically, i enjoy wearing jeans. they're comfy, they're practical, they go with almost anything in my wardrobe, and they look good.

now i'm mad.

i went out to try and find a pair of jeans. i went to several stores. i went to target first--you'd think that target would have a pair of jeans, right? wrong. they have all sorts of jean skirts, capri pants, and a few token pairs of black slacks for work--but no jeans whatsoever. i was very confused.

i kept store-hopping...i walked from store to store, shopping centre to shopping centre, in the ninety-five degree heat. i'm home...covered in sweat, sunburned, guzzling gatorate like it's the nectar of life--and i have no jeans to show for it. i found one rack of jeans the entire day. it was a rack of tapered leg jeans, which i refuse to wear. (i have thunder-thighs as is. i don't need a pair of jeans to make my thighs look even bigger!)

i didn't think i was asking for much--a plain, basic pair of jeans, boot-cut or flare leg. i can usually find a pair that fits that bill. apparently, not. apparently, if all your pairs of jeans decided to kick the bucket in july, you're out of luck.

sigh. i'm mad.

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