Sunday, July 23, 2006

i wish i could say that i've done what i wanted to this weekend...mainly, a ton of laundry. i can't say i've done that--and this time, it's not my fault for being a lazy bum.

the power is still out.

it went out wednesday, and stayed out. the power crews were hindered, and more people lost their power, as a result of another storm on friday. my neighbourhood is still a mess of fallen trees and fallen branches.

at least the heat has broken a little bit, which is better than nothing. thursday night was horrific...i took a cold shower that felt so good for about two minutes, until i stepped out, back into the hundred degree heat and thick humidity.

yesterday, however, was only eighty-five, and far less humid. after a few days of hundred degree heat, eighty-five felt like about seventy-five. i can't say it was objectively wonderful, i still wished it were much cooler, but it was better than it was. my apartment doesn't feel like a boiler-room anymore.

it's still frustrating. the only modern conveniences i have are running water and a little booklight that i purchased at radio shack on friday, after work. it was enough of a wild goose chase finding that booklight. after work, i took the bus up lindell, out near lindell and sarah...there's a schnucks, a walgreens, a radio shack...basically a big old strip mall on one side of the corner, and a walgreens across the street. i checked walgreens first, and all they had was a flashlight that you had to crank to make work. it didn't provide much light, and it was almost twenty dollars. no dice...i'm desperate, but i'm not that desperate to blow twenty dollars on a light i had to crank. then, i went to radio looked futile--the salesperson even looked in the back and could not find flashlights--but then i found a display of booklights on my way out. they were small, they were fairly cheap (six bucks or so), and buying one would allow me to read, and allow me to navigate my tiny little apartment. i'm so glad i bought it, so i have a little light.

the last few days have been a game of where i can go for as long as i can to beat the heat, bask in some air conditioning. friday night, i stayed at the spyglass for way too long. i love the's not too busy, the drinks are cheap, the people who work there are nice, and it's close to my new apartment--walking distance. that's where i went to beat the heat last night, too...whatever i said about the money i'm saving in rent on my new place all going to kayak's, strike that. it's probably all going to go to the spyglass instead.

now i'm sitting in a coffeehouse, taking advantage of the air conditioning and the internet. i was up really early this morning, went to church, and then came over here. all in all it's been a good day, although i wish i could go home and there would be power.

i'm sorry, this isn't very insightful, it's just a long rant about how much it sucks that my power is still out. i've been incommunicado for days, and i can't think of anything interesting to say, i can only bitch. i guess it says something not-so-good about me, that i can't live without the modern convenience of electricity without it affecting me like this. it would be a little better if it were not july...if it were march or april, or october or november, sometime when it was cooler. the only other time i've been out of power this long was after hurricane fran, back in 1996. i got used to it, and even enjoyed it for a while...i was a little sad eight days later, when it came back. i can't remember how, or why. now, being out of power, i can't see myself getting sad when it comes back--only elated. this storm wasn't quite the same experience as the hurricane was...maybe it was because this storm lasted only a few minutes, whereas we waited and waited for days, knowing the hurricane was going to come, then it spent an entire night ravaging the area, and then we got up and surveyed the damage. this time, it was quick. it blew through over the course of an hour or so on wednesday night, as everything fell to pieces. i didn't know it was coming, i napped through the first part of the actual storm, and i was oblivious to its seriousness since, while it was going on, i was in a place that never lost power. i feel very alienated from this experience, whereas i felt at one with hurricane fran. maybe therein lies the difference.

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