Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i got into pretrial! i got into pretrial!

*dances around*

this means my schedule for next semester is ALL SET! :D i'm taking:

Evidence (because, come on. i have to. otherwise, no trial classes for me...and that would make me a sad nicky.)
Pretrial (because it's fun. duh.)
Antitrust (again, not planning on being an antitrust lawyer--but it's Professor Ellis! he was my torts professor this year, and he's absolutely amazing. this class will be extra fun because not only is the professor awesome, but i convinced Chris to take it with me.)
Environmental and Land Use Litigation (i'm not planning on being a land use lawyer, but apparently Prof. Mandelker is a land use law deity, and i'm all for a seminar that makes me do briefs and oral arguments instead of academic writing.)
Estate and Gift Taxation (come on. it's Professor Moore. he's just cool.)

all in all, it looks like it'll be a good semester--i got the classes i wanted!

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