Saturday, June 03, 2006

"you're not my best friend. your crotch is not my best friend."

that's right. MTV2 has been making me really, really happy. last night and this afternoon, they've been showing tom green reruns!

last night, they made me really happy. they showed my favourite episode ever! "undercutters pizza" is the best sketch ever. he chases a pizza guy, and tries to make them an unbaked pizza for cheaper. i had forgotten that two of my other tom green favourites, the bum bum song and the glenn likes his sister's boobies song, were also on that same episode. in other words, it's thirty minutes of pure hilarity.

i can't believe how old that show's from when i was in high school, a good seven years ago or so. it makes me feel a little old, but i don't's still just as funny as it used to be.

i hope this means that they'll be showing tom green reruns on a more regular basis.

also, in the way of Divine MTV Idiocy, Volume 2 of the beavis and butt-head collection is out. i need to get my hands on that at some point, will probably be a while, since i'm so broke this summer it's absolutely embarrassing (aren't you supposed to be making money during the summer when you're in law school? i know, strange concept...), but eventually i will have those DVDs, because beavis and butt-head are genius.

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