Sunday, June 04, 2006

i've had a pretty nice, laid-back day...probably too laid-back, as there was some stuff that i should have done today, but didn't...but it was nice. i spent the earlier part of the day in the central west end...went to church this morning, which was really nice...i was looking oddly forward to going back there this week. i'm glad that i'll be in town for the coming weekends, since i like going there a lot. it's still kind of strange to think that i'm actually deciding to take part in a religious community, i'm still getting used to the idea that a religious community can be comfortable and thought-provoking without being dogmatic...sometimes i keep waiting for the "catch", the dogma, to pop up, and so far that hasn't happened, either when i've been at church or in all of the reading i've been doing, and am still doing, on unitarianism. i don't think i'm quite ready to say that i'm a unitarian yet, but i definitely feel my energy going in that direction.

afterwards, i went to the library since i had a ton of books to take back. i got some new ones...a couple of ann rule books i hadn't read (i still can't believe i haven't read all her books yet! i devour whatever of hers i can find!), a stupid mystery novel, and a book i've been intending to read for a long time and finally found in the library: "all families are psychotic" by douglas coupland. that book is so weird, but douglas coupland rocks. i think this book is even better than "life after god", the book of short stories of his that i read a while ago. the family portrayed in that book might be--gasp--even crazier than mine, or at least a different kind of crazy.

then i took a nap this afternoon. i love napping. i napped for a couple of hours when i got back from the library...and it was grand. did i mention how much i love naps?

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