Thursday, June 15, 2006

i know i've been utterly delinquent in my blogging this week...i've been a little off my rocker. i've been so busy at work, and whacked out about my embarrassing excuses for's a stressful week.

but, this...this was just scary. i don't know what to say, except that i'm really, unbelievably glad i don't work at leona's anymore. that location is the one where i worked last year, where i waitresssed...and some guys robbed the store after it closed, and shot a manager dead. i was watching the video on the trib website...i didn't know any of the people they were talking about, i didn't know the manager who was shot (he must have come in after i moved to st. louis)...but it was still scary, seeing the footage of the restaurant where i worked last year.

i think reading the article was even more harrowing. it talked about the robbers coming in through an unlocked back door, facing an alley, and demanding money from a manager counting it. that alley is "drug dealer alley"..."crack dealer alley"...the alley that ran right by my bedroom window last year. it was a dark alley, with people going up and down it all day and all night, the alley that motivated k&g (the most unmotivated landlords ever) to screw bars on our bedroom windows. i lived along that alley.

and, the door...whenever there were people in the restaurant, whether it was open or not, that door was unlocked. people would go in and smoke, to arrive at work, to leave work, to escape from the oppressive heat of the kitchen area. right inside that door was dispatch. delivery is run from dispatch--and all the money was handled there. we went to dispatch to cash out after each shift. more pertinent to this story, the manager sat at dispatch at the end of every night to count the money. i never stopped to think when i was working there, what a bad situation that was...but that's a bad situation, dealing with all the money right there, at the unlocked door along drug dealer alley.

that's horrible and horrifying that it happened. i feel awful...someone died, someone who worked where i used to work. i feel bad that i keep relating it mentally to the fact that i used to work there, but it really could have just as easily been me, or anyone i knew there. i want to think where i worked for those five months was safe. clearly, it was not.

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