Wednesday, June 21, 2006

i know i've been delinquent this week, but i've been busy. busy and tired.

i still don't know where i'll be living as of July 1. i have a guy coming in to look at my place tomorrow. if he takes it, i can stay. if not, i'm probably going to have to move on July 1. move where? only the shadow knows.

i've been really busy at my jobs. the law is a demanding profession, to be sure. it's funny. every week we have a deadline, some brief or draft or motion is due. i'm sure it'll be a little easier on me once we turn it in, but of course, more deadlines pop up. it's like whack a mole, but i'm stretching my brain, and i'm helping people. it's busy, but i love it.

even my research assistant job...i'm to the point that i'm running around in circles, finding similar cases over and over again, but i'm proud i've gotten that far on the project. i enjoy it when i mine for language and find that one juicy, useful, interesting sentence hidden ever-so-well in a bunch of chaff.

i can't believe it's already wednesday. that's awesome, because it means tomorrow's karaoke night. i haven't decided what else i'm going to sing, but i do know one thing: i'll be darned if some moron who can't sing or keep a rhythm steals the chance to sing "not an addict" again this week. someone did that to me last week, called that song before i could, and just killed it. i'm calling that one first this week.

on a completely unrelated topic, i went grocery shopping today. i was such a dork, but i couldn't help it. i still think of things way too often in terms of chicago prices. this makes st. louis prices so enthralling, since they're so much cheaper. today, we bought a bunch of groceries...a big cartload of them. i pushed them up to the register and i couldn't even look at the register screen as the clerk was scanning in the groceries. i knew they'd be cheaper than the co-op...then again, a fur coat at neiman marcus is cheaper than a cartload of groceries at the co-op. still, i was bracing for a hundred and ten dollar or so hit to the wallet, for all the shopping we did.

i turned around to pay--and the cartload of groceries cost me sixty dollars. that even included the six dollar pack of stew meat...i don't understand why stew meat has to be angus beef, but they were out of normal stew meat and chris really wanted to make some stew soon. i was a little hesitant then, but when i saw how cheap everything else was, i couldn't bring myself to care all that much about the extravagant stew meat. i could not believe my eyes...i spent the entire ride home raving about the insanely cheap groceries.

this city truly is cheap! cheap! fun! fun!

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