Thursday, June 01, 2006

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!

i had thought ADD broke up. turns out, they didn't disappear. i found their new website...and they are alive, well, and still rocking out!!!

*giddy dance*

they don't have any shows coming up in st. louis...although they are playing des moines tomorrow night. and, if they can travel from chicago to des moines...that means they can travel here at some point, too, right? right?

man, it sucks not being in chicago sometimes...and one of the reasons why is that i get so out of it with respect to the music scene. st. louis is just not the same in that regard.

still, though...ADD still exists! i swear, their song "maybe" (even though it's an oldie...from 2004 or so...) would definitely appear on a soundtrack of my first year of law school, if i made one. which gives me a good idea...i should compile a soundtrack of this year, now that i finally own a cd burner and all that jazz.

or, at least, i should burn it tomorrow, since tonight i still have plenty of cases to delve through while wearing my research assistant hat.

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